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Blogging in Paris


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Got back home this morning, and started processing my photos. I started posting to flickr and updated my first Florence post with links and photos. I found Paris just as I left it, in the rain! And I hadn’t realised it, but it’s the beginning of what we call l’heure d’été, also called daylight saving time. It may save something, but not my sleeping balance. I just hate this. I feel like they are stealing some precious time from me, not saving anything!

I took this photo in Florence on my first day there. I can tell you that no grocery store in Paris looks that colourful in the rain!


3 thoughts on “Back home

  1. The photo makes that fruit so inviting. Hope to look at some of your other photos soon.

    Would probably comment more frequently, but for some reason your blog seems to freeze on my computer if I try to scroll even a little bit, much less access some of the links to your photos. Am trying to figure out what’s going on. Is your transmission coming by air or cable under water?? Once I determine that, I’ll know whether to look for a bird or a crab. 🙂

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