# 1500

Blogging in Paris


Italian politics
Squircle #1500


I’ve just uploaded my 1500th squared circle on flickr. I joined the squared circle group at the end of May 2005, urged by friend LeoL30.
Am I a monomaniac? 😉
Definitely, although, some of my friends could tell you that I have more than one obsession! But I “only” uploaded 1500. Leo is the undisputed champion with over 4000 photos.

All my squared circles here
Little by little, I am updating my Florence posts. You can check out Blogging in Florence (3)
Don’t miss Mort’s Memoir about when he was in India at Octogenarian. As per usual, it’s a gem!


6 thoughts on “# 1500

  1. No problem ! Diagnostics :

    – You are simply mad (or lazy).
    – Leo is a more-than-crazy-monomaniac boy.

    But that’s why we love you, dear. (even when you never stop calling because a plug disconnected or a computer jumped by the window, or your cat ate a delicious “boiled phone wire” as he likes…) 😉

    Dr. YLB.

  2. Monomaniac? Not heard that expression before. I’ll have to look that up.

    Oh dear…with our other obsessions for numbers, letters, signs, mascarons…ad infinitum….we must be multi-monomaniacs 🙂

  3. Multi-monomaniacs. Very good, Leo.
    I really enjoyed your post yesterday. The image of you dropping off in front of your class tickled me. I hope you didn’t drool—I’m sure I would have–mouth agape as usual. I’m going now. I want to check out today’s photos before I eat lunch.

  4. Lucy, it tickles me NOW, which is why I told you the story, but at the time, I was mortified!!! I may have drooled, for all I know 😉
    And please, I was at the back of my class, not in front, unlike my teacher of Russian 😉

  5. mon·o·ma·ni·a ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mn-mn-, -mny)
    Pathological obsession with one idea or subject.
    Intent concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea.


    I just HAD to look it up and claim that word as one of my own.

  6. Again, thank you for another plug for my blog. I just noticed that what I assume is your maiden name is Covo. That is a very uncommon name. When I was a boy in New York City, I had neighbors by that name. They were Sephardim who came from either Salonica, Greece or Smyrna, Turkey. The father was a printer and there was one son a couple of years younger than me named Gabriel. I believe he became a doctor and perhaps a psychiatrist. Does this sound familiar? Any family relationship? I assume the name Farchi is also Sephardic in origin. Pardon my nosiness.

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