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Some time ago, Ronni at Time Goes By published a post called Kids’ Games For Aging Brains. She mentioned that

Ryuta Kawashima, a professor of neuroscience at Tohoku University, who helped develop Brain Age, says he has proof that a few minutes every day spent exercising a particular part of the brain brings improvements.

More chess playersWell, if games are good for the brain, this brain should be expanding all the time (although I have to tell you it forgets so many things that I sometimes wonder). I have always been a game player. Not a gambler, mind you, I hate losing! But I have always liked mental games like crossword puzzles or problem solving oriented games. That is quite reasonable for an elder, isn’t it? But wait and I will confess to more.
Ever since the first gameboys appeared on the market, the ones with a black and white screen, with the original Super Mario Land, I have been a fan. I am still a Tetris fan and now enjoy World Tetris on a Gameboy Advance SP
When I started, everyone including my husband made fun of me.
And now that I am a respectable sixty (one) year-old, people just think I am weird. On the train on my way to London a couple of months ago, I saw several kids pointing at me, probably asking their parents what sort of crazy old lady would be playing with a gameboy?

You’re wondering what’s this got to do with blogging? Well, to me blogging also represents problem solving in many cases. I like the writing part, although sometimes, I just have nothing to say, but I like finding ways of making my posts good-looking or at least different-looking.
And I find great help with Meg at MandarinDesign. Meg’s blog has almost anything you can dream of ready. But she is also a generous soul and enjoys solving problems for other people.
Yesterday, I had this long list and wanted to add a star in front of them. I knew it was possible to add a bullet in front of each item of a list, but didn’t know how. I asked Meg who posted the answer in no time. At first, the solution was Hebrew to me, but after some trial and error AND with Meg’s help, the problem was solved.
Notice how two good fairies are leaning over my blog?
I started this post with Ronni at Time Goes By and am closing it with Meg at MandarinDesign

I’m away for a few days and as I’ll be travelling by train, guess what I just put in my bag? 😉

7 thoughts on “Blogging and playing games

  1. Claude,
    I giggled at the thought of you sitting with your Game Boy on the Metro. If I was riding the train and saw you doing it I know I’d think, “Now THERE’S somebody I’d love to get to know!” Actually I’m delighted I already do—though you shouldn’t expect me to join you on the Game Boy. One of the Grands tried to teach me and flat out gave up. I was hopeless.

    I too appreciate Mandarin. I’d love to work on the appearance of my blog and could certainly use the help. I just have to learn a bit more before I’ll be able to figure out what she’s talking about. All in good time.

    Have the very best week. And don’t worry that I’ll be sitting here all alone, by myself while the kids go to NYC this week. Don’t even think about it. I’ll just sit here quieetly in the dark. It’s fine. Really.

  2. What an interesting admission, Claude. I gave up crosswords puzzles about a decade ago when I realized it was taking up way too many hours of my life. I was hooked for several years on SimCity and still would be if it hadn’t cut in so much to sleep time. Such games as Tetris make me too tense.

    These days writing TGB and endlessly tweaking the look-and-feel more than fill what once was game time, but I can hear the siren call of SimCity now and again and wonder how long I’ll resist.

  3. I’m a huge game player Claude….always have been. I love everything! One of my daughters got me a Gameboy a couple of Xmas’s ago. I play with it sometimes, but I’m mostly on the computer and love to play boardgames with a bunch of us on “Game Nights.” We do that quite often. I just love crosswords and all word games. I definitely agree that it’s invaluable when it comes to keeping one’s mind sharp. I know I could use all the help I can get.

  4. I was so tickled to hear about your Tetris abilities, Claude! You just amaze me. And thanks for all the moving encouragement you’ve been giving me!

  5. Don’t have time to play with my daughter’s gameboy – too busy with work, family obligations and the blog. But I retire in about 4 years so if you have a used one for sale at that time, I might be interested.

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