Light a candle

Blogging in Paris


It is better
to light
one small
than to curse the darkness.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

4 thoughts on “Light a candle

  1. I am so jealous that you are in Paris and I am not. I went to Paris last year for a one week vacation and haven’t recovered as of yet. I changed my whole life after Paris. I live like a french woman in NYC. If I had my druthers I would sell all and live in Paris forever.
    Lucky you!

  2. What a lovely candle Claude…and a beautiful saying. I LOVE candles! I have SO many of them…especially in my bedroom. It’s like walking into a seance; but I just love the ambiance they create. I’m always out looking for great looking candles. All of my girls love them too…especially my oldest one. Thanks Claude…

  3. What a beautiful sentiment. It reminds me of lighting a candle at the Notre Dame cathedral last year when my beautiful grandmother was ill. She is not longer with me, but the memory of lighting the candle and saying a prayer for her is such a comfort to me.

    I am going to keep this quote with me. I am so glad you posted this!

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