No wine for Christmas?





Still giggling as I am coming back from GoldenLucy’s Spiral Notebook. If you have a look at her photo, you will giggle too.
Her post reminded me of Millie’s Can’t open it posts.
Well, I never told you about our Christmas dinner, did I?
Ever since her Dad died, Julie and I like to spend a few days at Christmas in Normandy. This year, we even had a white Christmas. And we both decide on a suitable Christmas Eve dinner and buy a nice bottle of wine, light candles and shower each other with nice presents.
This year, everything went according to plan until it was time to open our bottle of wine. Our corkscrew, a very simple affair that you can see above, taken back in September, refused to do its job. It just kept on turning and screwing and turning and screwing.
We tried to pull the cork out of the bottle, but neither of us was strong enough! It turned out that the corkscrew was broken.
So, on Christmas Eve, I had to drive out of Bénerville, into Deauville, to my uncle’s house, where my cousin Léo pulled the cork out for us!
As I told Lucy, men do come in handy sometimes 😉

In case you’re wondering why I happen to have a photo of that corkscrew, this is more evidence of my monomania (or is it multi-monomania)! Ever since I’ve joined flickr and bought a digital camera, I take pictures of everything. This one was taken because I was looking for photos of coiled and twisted things for a group on flickr.
On a daily basis, I upload quite a lot of photos onto my flickr account, but I choose one a day, which I blog at Claude’s Daily Snap

6 thoughts on “No wine for Christmas?

  1. claude, thank you for your wonderfully validating comment at my site! for time i’ve been lurking around your blog in admiration of your photos. it is wonderful to be able to indulge one’s urges to record by “publishing” this way.
    also, your words about activism gave me pause. first, i see you as another kind of activist through having a blog, sharing yourself as a mature woman with the world. then, there is a problem i’ve often noticed. people like myself can leave the feeling in others that we represent the “model” for activism, one that cannot be replicated. no, we’re just one approach. i know Grandmothers against the War whose activity i’ll never match. yours, naomi

  2. Claude, I have what appears to be an exact replica of your corkscrew. I bought it in Holland in 1956! Are you telling me it won’t last forever? I suppose (I could invest in a new corkscrew every 50 years.)

  3. ha ha! Ive had my share of man-less winebottle-problem moments.
    I learnt that if no man or working corkscrew is available it’s best to push it into the bottle.
    Although that doesn’t work all the time either.

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