Spring is here!



Apple blossoms


Last week, I was in the Drôme area, staying with my friends Fazou and JF and spring was there! They have such a wonderful garden and as it is in the southern part of France, spring comes earlier.
I must admit I am totally hopeless at growing flowers. Give me a lovely bouquet, and in two days it’ll be faded.
When I moved to my flat, I thought I would try growing things on my balcony, but I manage to kill anything that comes into my hands, and if I don’t, bugs brought by birds or whatever, will do it.
And anyway, I have to confess I can’t really be bothered. Flowers and plants require loving care and time that I am not prepared to give them.
But this doesn’t stop me from liking spring and spring flowers! I can’t stop photographing flowers and blossoms and leaves.
Spring is here in Normandy where I am staying at the moment, and these apple blossoms are evidence. Blossoming apple-trees are one of my favourite sights. So lovely and delicate, but just a little wind will blow them away.I always find it difficult to imagine that this will become apples and maybe cider or Calvados!

  1. I took this photo in old Tourgéville, a couple of days ago, near the church.
  2. Have you noticed the scrolling marquee in my sidebar? I pinched it at MandarinMeg
  3. .


7 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. Claude, those apple blossoms are just beautiful. This beginning of spring and all it’s beauty…I just love it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

  2. The apple tree blossoms,how lovely and the Blue, Muscari, I have never seen them before.

    They are exquisite. Claude, you don’t need to grow flowers as you are

    a flower master with your camera.



  3. I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful picture of apple bloom.
    You certainly have a knack for the best shot with your camera.

  4. This photo blossomed in my mind as my young granddaughter pondered her interpretation of a Robert Frost poem about Spring, mentioning white blossoms as “ghosts” at night. She was to draw her own picture of what she thought each line meant to her. I wondered where I might have seen the apple blossom photo, just knew it had to be one of your photos, but when? With a bit more searching here we are. She, too, was entranced by the beauty, then more clearly understood what his words were expressing.

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