April in Paris

Blogging in Paris


April in Paris


Not much that I feel like writing about, but I keep taking photos. Here is one I took last Monday, just before there was a big storm and those lovely blossoms were blown away.
And yes, this is a small square, in the middle of the 15th arrondissement, with the metro just across the street.

Love playing with the marquee found at MandarinMeg, and found that you can replace words with images.
Click on any of the scrolling picture for a larger view.
April in Paris April in Paris April in Paris


5 thoughts on “April in Paris

  1. They are called cerisiers du Japon in French, so I guess Japanese cherry trees??? Only they never give cherries. But just beautiful in bloom.
    And by the way, I didn’t find how to slow the slideshow on my own! I copied and pasted a line of code at Noded, and replaced the words with pictures. So thanks, Noded!

  2. Had to “leave” Paris the other day before I had a chance to completely enjoy these photos of April In Paris — really perfect to view while listening to a jazz version of a tune with the same title. Ah ……… I’d say “thanks,” but I don’t want to lose the mood …..

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