This time of year


Before dieting!

April! This is the time in France when women’s magazines start publishing articles about dieting to achieve this wonderful bathing-suit look!
Well, let me tell you, I have been dieting all my life. Not necessarily in order to lose weight but dieting all the same.
It all started when I was five, I had a kidney disease and as I was found to have albumin, was forbidden to eat anything salty.
This lasted until I was fourteen or so, then I decided that I was overweight and started dieting to lose weight. I think I have tried every single diet that I read about in the last 40 years, losing weight and putting it back on… with a vengeance.
Until I had breast cancer and reviewed my priorities 😉
Then I decided that I wouldn’t diet any more. Or at least that’s what I thought!!! After radiation therapy, I was found to have a high cholesterol count and my doctor said I had to cut on all those great things that I enjoy eating. No more charcuterie, beef, butter, cream, cheese, etc. So, there I was, dieting again, although in a different way.


Iwas quite good about it and over the summer, I even lost ten pounds in the process. The only thing is, my cholesterol count was just the same as before the diet! All this for no result!
But I had developped an unfortunate side effect, chronic diarrhea, probably due to all this fruit and vegetables I concentrated on, to replace meat and other fatty things.
Which led me onto another diet, in which I am not supposed to eat raw fruit or veggie without having something cooked at the same time.
I hate this as I don’t enjoy cooking and love eating out. I never liked housework, cooking, gardening, sewing and other women things when I was young, but now that I am old –and free to do as I like, I have become even worse than I was.
So here I am again, on a diet! Old age and health concerns are forcing me to do something that I had decided I would never do again when I survived cancer.
Not fair! 😉

I hate opening a section called Health. But as I don’t want to fight reality, I feel I have to. I AM getting old, not to say I AM old, and let’s face it, getting old implies facing health problems.
The first photo was taken in 1947 on Deauville beach, probably by my father. I took the second photo some time ago while in Florence. Slideshow here
Don’t miss Mort Reichek’s encounter in the Casbah at Octogenarian. It takes you in the middle of Algiers Casbah during the Cold War. Octogenarian has really been everywhere!


13 thoughts on “This time of year

  1. Who coud resist that adorable child in the outrageous hat? Simply delicious. So, to my despair are most of the foods forbidden to me. But I’ve made a decision. No more dieting no matter what. Adding a week or month or even a year to what has been a long and rich life is of no concern. I’d rather eat cake!
    PS The Florence photos are wonderful!

  2. Claude, You and I are kindred spirits.
    “I never liked housework, cooking, gardening, sewing and other women things when I was young, but now that I am old –and free to do as I like, I have become even worse than I was.

    I don’t mind housework; washing folding (no ironing please) but sewing? forget about it.

  3. What a delightful trip through Florence! Thank you for sharing the sights through your eyes. This is a wonderful way to escape the minor little upset which has kept me home from work today.

    There was so much with which I was intrigued including that shot of all the locks. What was that all about? Then, the door knockers, have never seen such an ornate variety, and so many. Is it likely those are quite old/ancient? Of course, I’ve already shared my enthusiasm for a couple of the scenes. The food, market, store scenes so colorful. Could just go on and on.

    Hadn’t realized you had overcome CA. Am so glad for you … and, selfishly, for me, so I can continue to enjoy your blog and photos.

    I, too, never quite identified with all the traditional “girl or women’s tasks.” As a child, I thought it quite unfair we were expected to like all those activities, seemed to me the men had a much more interesting life.

    However, in an effort to straddle that line to enjoy the best of both gender worlds, I did become quite involved in some traditional female interests for various periods of my life, including, sewing, cooking (though no gourmet,) gardening (though of quite ordinary variety.) As for housekeeping, I view it as a necessary evil. I do love natural woods, and can, actually, derive some pleasure in polishing, admiring the grain as I go, but I don’t want alot of that labour, or too frequently, either.

    Ah, dieting…I’ve done some of that, but probably never thought about it until in my 20’s when I considered I might have a little excess flesh in strategic places. Didn’t help matters any that my closest friends were generally small petite types next to my 5 ft 6 inch frame, which certainly wasn’t tall by any means, just next to them.

    As for my figure and weight, not ill-proportioned, or over-weight either, in retrospect, so what was I thinking. In fact, what I wouldn’t give to have that figure now. I’m not that heavy now, but heavier than I’ve ever been in my life. Diet is not enough, must include exercise, too, which I think begins to be a requirement around the age of 40.

    Don’t know what to tell you about all those diets for various medical reasons. I pay attention to some admonitions, ignore others by some unique guidelines I devised just for myself, I guess.

    In reference to your post at TGB re “Who Owns Your Blog,” I am so glad you did not stop blogging!

  4. @joared about the locks in Florence. It appears that there has developped a new custom in Florence. Lovers buy a lock, write their names on it and put in on the Ponte Vecchio or any other place. I am not sure if it will keep their love safe and secure or it will be a chance to come back to Florence. It seems to be an ancient Chinese custom. Why do they do this in Florence is beyond me. 😉 But it made for interesting photos.

  5. Life’s a beach! Love that photo.

    You are an inspirational survivor. And, another woman who doesn’t do those women things! I do garden, but in our world that was Dad’s job, not Mom (my female role model who couldn’t cook, clean, sew, or garden). .

    Dieting for doctors isn’t pleasant, but this old body just rejects everything they put on the “no no” list anyway. Except Chocolate. It supposedly triggers migraines so I eat it everyday to make sure the old body knows not to have a fit when the chocolate hits. And in my old age I do enjoy cleaning. And, I’m thinking about learning how to cook…odd how we change over time. There’s nobody left to cook for. Cleaning I think of as exercise and I plant flowers to blow off steam. Planted six packets of seeds yesterday and have three geraniums to plant today. It’s my way of shouting! My best friend, my gardening friend (who is also a chef) is not surviving breast cancer. She weighs about 80 pounds today. But I understand what they mean by “courageous battle” now. I never got that part before. She keeps planting those seeds and starting cuttings. How can you give up when the daisies haven’t bloomed? She bought a packet of Moonflowers the other day. Six years of chemo. Six years…off to call her now. She’s …ah, I want to know if she planted the seeds. When she stops planting seeds then I suppose that’s when she has given up.

  6. Aging bodies – they’re a pain, metaphorically and physically. And knowing it’s more sensible to control the weight because ‘the body’ likes it better, while having had enough years to have fully developed the sensual pleasure of a long meal in a restaurant….

  7. Claude, I’m right there with you. I’ve never been in love with cooking, gardening, dewing and such. And I’ve certainly gotten less enthralled with housecleaning as I’ve gotten older. I’d rather do almost anything than that. Blogging has taken the place of a lot of those things I did, or had to do, when I was younger and raising a busy famiiy. I’ve slowed down in general. I guess that’s just how it goes at different periods in your life. And as far as diets…I’ve tried most of them and still haven’t found the answer. Losing weight is my cross to bear in life.

  8. Your words reminded me that walking out of the clinic and heading to my car
    after hearing those terrible words “Yes, it is malignant and we need to
    a mascetomy immediately”, a terrible anger came over me. All I could think
    was “Why didn’t I have ice-cream when I felt like it and why did I waste all
    that time exercising.”

    I still watch what I eat and I work out four times a week. I do this because
    exercising keeps the old bones and muscles a little better tuned. I eat
    healthy because it has become habit. However, now I have that ice-cream
    every once in awhile especially when I want to remember that I am a survivor.
    It is my way of snubbing my nose at my cancer.

  9. Oh my – this post pokes a lot of buttons… specifically house cleaning, doctors, and diets…
    I do love gardening… especially the sitting in the garden and taking photos in the garden and listening to birds in the garden part. I also enjoy hand sewing -when it is for things that are small (and I am not talking about babies or grandchildren.)

    Well, I am delighted you have come out on top in the battle against cancer and hope you find answers to this dieting problem that doctors seem to have… When you do — please share!

  10. I just came back to say, I listened to the Corsican music link Golden Lucy provided — a strong beautiful song. The message of which they sing, hope, love, courage and respect are vital always, but sometimes in our lives assume special significance. Also, how tragic to think any language could be deliberately extinguished. No language, or people, should ever be reduced to silence.

  11. Thank you again for plugging my blog. With readers like you, I don’t need a press agent. You are very kind. On the matter of dieting, I find it hard to relate to the situation. I have always been skinny and have spent my life hearing first my mother bugging me to eat, and for the last 52 years the same thing from my wife.

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