An afternoon at Cimetière Montmartre

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Today was the first day sunny and pleasant enough to go for a walk. I decided to go to Cimetière Montmartre, not for the first time this year, but last time the weather was not as clement. My sense of direction is hopeless and I can’t read a map. Can you believe that every time I go, I have trouble finding my husband’s tomb? Well, I can hardly believe it, but this time, the same thing happened, it took me quite a while.
For some reason, I really love taking photos in cemeteries. And today was no exception. I am in the process of sorting out and posting my photos to flickr.

On a lovely day like today, Cimetière Montmartre is a quiet place, you can hear the rumble of the city, but also birds singing and besides the tourists and the people who have come to tend to their grave, there are also people coming to feed the cemetery cats. And a lot of animal life, magpies, crows, and more birds as you can hear on the video clip.
In the next days, I will be adding to my Cimetière Montmartre set and add photos of famous graves, like writer Alexandre Dumas fils, composer Jacques Offenbach or film director François Truffaut, but I’ll close for tonight as it is really late.