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Meg at MandarinDesign blogged about new features in Google like Google maps.
Besides the search engine, I have been a user of Gmail since it came out and love it, as it’s really good at detecting spam, and I don’t have to worry about my mailbox ever getting full.
This morning, one of my friends made me discover another one of Google tools, Google calendar, so convenient if you’re using Gmail.
Calendar looks like just any ordinary diary online. The really nice part about it is that you can choose to share all or part of your diary with your friends or workmates. I find that it has all the features I love about Apple iCal: it will send you warnings before your appointments, will let you easily see your friends’ events, will let you repeat events if wanted. iCal looks better, but as far as I know, iCal cannot be used by people who aren’t using a Macintosh.
Google Calendar is much more versatile AND you can use it from wherever you are.

On a totally different note, who can resist one of Meg’s challenges? Not me!

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