Cemetery cat

Blogging in Paris


There are no ordinary cats.

said French writer Colette, a cat lover


In French, it goes:

Il n’y a pas de chat ordinaire

I took this photo at Cimetière Montmartre, one of Paris old cemeteries. Colonies of cats live there and have there faithful lovers, people who come every day and feed them.
Some of the cats are wild and will run away as soon as they see you, but some, like the cat above just go on with their life just as if you didn’t exist.
Paris cemeteries are are like huge gardens with lots of nooks and corners and they are full of animals, not just cats!
To listen to the birds at Cimetière Montmartre on a sunny afternoon, click here
To see more animals in Paris cemeteries, click here

Thank you Meg, for the opacity code at MandarinDesign


5 thoughts on “Cemetery cat

  1. Perfect, Claude! Opacity Rules!

    I had read about the cemetery cats for years, so this has been such a joy to see them in your photo stream and here.

  2. Darling Claude,
    Lucy does not really care for cats. She is amused by their antics but feels they are perhaps too much like her. After all, there can only be one “Ruler of the Universe” at one time.
    I just love these cemetery shots. I went over the animal shots think they’re wonderful. I’m sending them to my grandson. He droe a friend’s ashes all the way to Louisiana to be placed in an old French cemetery last year—-and he loves cats! Oh, life and death are so rich.

  3. It is sad to think about so many of the “modern cemeteries
    in the US which are simply flat grassed fields with small
    markers. Time was when cemeteries here were more ornate
    with more character like the old Oakland cemetery where Margaret
    Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind” is buried.

    We saw a lovely little cemetery in Italy
    on a hillside overlooking Portifino behind a beautiful little
    church. It was covered with white granite chips and on the face of each tombstone
    there was an enclosed see through case holding a photograph of the departed.

    And the cemetery behind Christ Church, St Simmons Island Georgia dates
    back to about 1780, with towering live oaks and spanish moss.
    The cemetery cat would love this spot.

  4. Great picture! some light!!!!This dandy of a cat looks elegantly exasperated, you seem to have disturbed her in the midst of some important toilet, and yet she knows that the sunlight fits her so she is not entirely displeased!

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