Hotlines and help desks!

“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris


When I went through my usual blogs and read the answer Septuagent at Seventy and rising received after sending Yahoo BT help desk a mail of complaint:
The ultimate goal is to reach dizzying heights in customer satisfaction. Again, thank you for sharing your experience. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide you with superior customer service.
I had a good laugh! Of course, I suppose it is better to receive such flowery messages than a rude note, but just as ineffective.
When I moved into my flat quite a few years ago, I had to change my phone number. It turned out that I was attributed a phone number that used to be the fax number of a company which produces roof tiles of varied sorts. I thought that all I had to do was to be patient, and that by and by, my phone would ring for fewer and fewer faxes.
Not at all! In fact, I’m receiving more and more unwanted phonecalls which in fact are faxes. As I don’t have a fax machine, the phone will ring and ring and if I pick it up, I get to hear a fax tone.
I got in touch with the roof tiles company and they assured me that none of their publicity or bills has had this fax number for over ten years now, as they moved about fifteen years ago.
My phone company has offered to change my phone number for a fee, or to install some sort of filter on my line, that would stop any call coming from a fax machine … for a monthly fee. In fact, they want me to pay for their mistakes!
It’s a good thing I don’t have a fax machine or else I would have to pay for all the */%#*% that would come out of it day and night!. Yes, day and night, as for some reason, the flow never stops.
If I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night, I have to remember to turn the sound of my phone off.
I really think that phone companies are awful, they hold you captive and provide very little help. 😦


4 thoughts on “Hotlines and help desks!

  1. My dealings with customer service (a euphemism if there was one) have reached dizzying heights all right. So dizzying I want to throw up. It’s all so frustrating and as you pointed out, so often fruitless to try to get help for anything—esp the phone!
    Delighted to meet you in Grumbleland today.
    Happy Mothers’ Day to both of us, Dear Claude!

  2. I just wish that every company president and top officials had to
    call in to their companies’ service department incognito
    and suffer through the indignities the average customer must endure

  3. It’s some kind of schadenfreude to know that rotten customer service is not confined to the United States, but I do feel for you. I just spent two-and-a-half hours with SIX different customer service people at Microsoft trying to sort out a problem with my new laptop. And it’s still not solved.

    Then, THEN – they had the nerve to call and ask if my problem had been taken care of to my satisfaction.

    I’m with Chancy. But is it possible, do you think, that no customer service executive has ever suffered what they put us through?

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