Ho hum



These last weeks, I have felt like I have nothing to write about. The weather has been pretty bad, lots of wind and rain. I go out with my umbrella, which doesn’t make me all that easy to hold my camera 😉
I am going through one of these I have not much to say passages, and only barely manage to post one photo a day on Claude’s Daily Snap. I have even be resorting to old photos.
So I guess I’m taking some time off the blog! Sometimes I wonder if I have totally dried up.


13 thoughts on “Ho hum

  1. claude, have you noticed how hard we are on ourselves? after all, here
    you are being an Elderblogger (please note the upper case on the “E”). that’s
    pretty remarkable in itself. add to that you are taking photos that document
    your surroundings, some of which may be gone in another 50 years. i suffer
    from this same malady, then have to remind myself that there’s a time to
    take a break. creativity does not go in a straight line–not in my life,
    anyway. thanks for letting us know; i’m relieved that your absence is simply
    a re-fueling time. yours, naomi

  2. Not dried up but lying fallow.
    That’s important to do before “the next thing” moves you.
    I’m happy to wait on you and am glad you’re there (here?).

  3. Excellent advise about re-fueling, but some-
    times we just need a jump kick so I suggest
    going over to http://www.wild-mind.net/
    Gloria, the author of this site is also
    suffering from writer’s block or apathy.
    She offers some great prompts and places to
    go for inspiration.

  4. Dried up? We all feel that way some days, eh? Then the next day you will be deciding which fine black and white photo to post. I’m particularly font of your old family photos. They are inspiring and give us something to view, read, and consider scanning our own. You have me more interested in scanning some old family photos from my Grammie.

  5. Hi Claude,

    I know exactly what you are talking about. But nobody is inspired every day, I guess. For me, things are very busy right now, so I have a hard time finding a moment or two to give to the blog. But that’s just another way of saying the same thing — priorities! Whether you are giving your time to yourself or to others, it’s just as legitimate.


  6. “You can leave comments in English or in French.”

    No, I’m afraid I can only leave comments in English. I could mangle some Spanish, if you wish. 🙂

    Have you considered starting a new theme? Cemeteries, toy shops, lovers at lunch?

    If you’re drying up, perhaps you need some lubricant. Isn’t Paris known for its love of wine? Maybe a series of photos of dining drinkers. 🙂

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a short break, either, but we’d miss you.

    Bon chance. 😉

  7. Wondered where you went, as have just been visiting blogs erratically. I marvel that so many bloggers, such as yourself, come up with posts so frequently. I would think a time for whatever nourishes you is very important, perhaps, unpredictable in terms of when that need will arise, so you must honor that in respect for your muse. I’ll certainly return from time to time to enjoy the photos here, to patiently await your return for however little, or much you will write … or, maybe, it will be a single photo of the rain out your window falling down on the Paris streets, the sun when it begins to emerge … for me there is a haunting beauty in storm clouds even.

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