In my twenties
Worst cut ever

On Maria’s advice, I had a look at Wild Minds and her writing exercises, which sent me –among others– to Pumping your muse prompts, which suggested writing about haircuts!
Well, like most girls I guess I never thought twice about my hair until I was a teenager, when it became a primary concern. You see, I had frizzy hair, and in those days, it was fashionable to have smooth and straight hair. With me, it could only be achieved through a lot of work with the hairdryer. As I wasn’t really patient (still one of my faults) I was always looking for the miracle cure or haircut that would save me time and make me look great.
I remember very well this haircut. I got out of the hairdresser’s and felt like sobbing. That hairdo was just not me and I hated it. AND I knew that as soon as I washed my hair, it would become frizzy again, and as it was just the wrong length, I would look even more awful. I remember having lunch with my mother, and how she told me that my hair would grow and it wouldn’t be all that bad –even SHE thought it looked terrible. But somehow it didn’t help.

In my thirties

My hairdo (or maybe I should say undo) on the photo on the left was the result of the fashion of the time. All the women had curls then. Now I should have known that curls and frizzy hair were not compatible, but I did find a hairdresser who did perform a perm on my frizzy hair, when I got out I did have curls, and with a little humidity, my curls disappeared in an hour and my hair had become frizzier than ever. That perm lasted for over a year. Every time it was windy or humid, or both, which is quite common in Paris, I looked like a madwoman 😉 But somehow, I didn’t mind that as much as the previous one. Probably because I was older and not as sensitive to looks. And my husband liked it although he made fun of it at times.
Still, as time goes by, one becomes more indulgent with oneself. At the time when both photos were taken, I thought I looked awful. Now I think I was rather good-looking.


8 thoughts on “Hair!

  1. Indeed you did look good!!! I really like the first one!
    As for me, I had Chinese hair, but surprising though it may be , my hair was not really straight but rather wavy when longer (the optimistic version) or dishevelled , when shorter, (the pessimistic version) ; I find the mix of hair genes in my daughters facinating: the one who inherited the Chinese type with straight hair is red-haired, while the one who inherited the dark hair has got curly hair. As for my elder, she does have dark straight hair, yet the texture is different it’s not coarse Chinese hair, but silky, fine hair!! How fascinating! And now, less funny , the question is no longer to have or not to have curly hair but to dye or not to dye!!!

  2. Claude,

    The nice thing for you is that you have a beautiful face…and shape of face. You can really get away with any kind of hairdo….I mean it. I know the frizzy era; but I never had that look because my hair is pretty straight, with a slight wave to the front. I think you look great in both of those pictures….frizzies or not!

  3. Claude, Most interesting post. I love it that you got your
    inspiration from Maria’s suggestion “Wild Minds” I have that site bookmarked.

  4. thank you for these links – believe it or not – they are new to me and I love them!
    Wonderful post! You are blessed with good bones and look lovely in most hairstyles – I remember how very important my hair was when I was a teen – now – I simply get a really good hair cut and throw my hair in a clip most of the time. How we change!

  5. claude, you remind me of all the times fashion in hairstyles would influence
    my looks. and then there are the hairdressers and their ideas of what we
    “should” do. as a wavy-haired person, decided that curly hair, the look in
    the 1980s was something i had to have. it was not a fit at all but women
    have an idea that these alterations will alter our lives for the better.

  6. Definitely good looking!
    A pity we women always look for what’s “wrong” with our looks but on the other hand
    men are quite happy or at least satisfied with their look.

  7. Wow, I am glad you found your muse, again. Great post and I love (what an ego) when I see my name
    in your blog. And then to read that Chancy has bookmarked Gloria’s site, too. Now that is special.
    With all the good feelings, I am off to get a good night’s sleep.

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