Musée Maillol

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Blogging in Paris


Statue view from the stairs


Usually , my walks in this season hardly ever take me to museums or exhibitions, but cold showers and gusts of winds and the fact that I love Magritte’s paintings made me go to Musée Maillol where I had never been before. I found the Magritte exhibition interesting, but not as interesting as the retrospective in Brussels a few years ago, but enjoyed very much the statues by Maillol and other sculptors.
My photos of Musée Maillol here.
My favourite photo of Musée Maillol at Claude’s Daily Snap

4 thoughts on “Musée Maillol

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  2. What a wonderful alternative perspective on a sculpture. It probably looks better from where you took it than it would from directly in front.

    You make me want to get out and visit our museums here in NYC. As a newcomer, there is lots to see….

  3. Claude, your photos are always so wonderful. I agree with notdotdot…you could make money with your photography. I used to love going to museums….all kinds; but I havent’ been to one in a very long time. You are sparking my interest again. Thanks Claude.

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