from Leaves of Grass

Blogging in Paris




Walt Whitman (1819-1892)
(…) A festival song!
The duet of the bridegroom and the bride—a marriage-march,
With lips of love, and hearts of lovers, fill’d to the brim with love;
The red-flush’d cheeks, and perfumes—the cortege swarming, full of friendly faces, young and old,
To flutes’ clear notes, and sounding harps’ cantabile(…)

I took this photo yesterday in the rose garden at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. More photos of Luxembourg Gardens here. For a slideshow, just add “show” to the preceding url. As it is one of my favourite places in Paris, there are too many photos in that set to impose a slideshow to anyone.


3 thoughts on “from Leaves of Grass

  1. Hi Claude,
    I’m happy to be back online after an ugly case of the flu. I love the museum photos–esp the shot of the staircase. It reminded me of a Nautilus shell. Have a glorious week!

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