Saturday afternoon at the Tuileries

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The weekend has been nicer than the latest weeks and I went to the Tuileries Gardens, having heard that there was a garden show there, called Jardins, Jardin. There was indeed, but it was expensive and not all that nice, although it gave me an opportunity to photograph quite a few squared circles. The Tuileries Gardens were crowded, offering a sight that I usually shun! I try to go there during the week and not at the weekend. I passed by a statue by Aristide Maillol, the original of which I saw at Musée Maillol a few days ago. A lot of tourists as it was Whitsun weekend. I felt a fellow feeling for this lady who took off her shoes for a rest, as my feet used to kill me until a couple of years ago.

Playing the triangle

As I got nearer to the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, I heard the sound of a fanfare and enjoyed some old-fashioned fun, listening to a few pieces played by the band of a fire-brigade. I enjoyed seeing there were quite a few girls in the band, including at the drums.
There were people everywhere including on the lawns, looking at the gardens and at the statues. I walked towards Le Louvre and got out, walked along the River Seine Right Bank taking more photos of Le Louvre. A truly pleasant walk, if it were not for the heavy traffic and pollution.

Just to tell you that if you’ve been missing Golden Lucy and her Spiral Journal, she has been down with flu but has just posted a remarkable and moving story
As for Millie at My Mom’s Blog, her iBook harddisk has finally be fixed. Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon at the Tuileries

  1. I like your squared circles, especially number 7 and number 11.
    What a lovely city you have to walk about.

    And yes Lucy’s story today was remarkable.

  2. Darling Claude,
    Thanks for the link—you’re really so kind! I find it really ironic how often Chancy and I will come up with the same observations. (Great minds…) I’d planned to start my comment by satying I liked the squared circles very much. They always seem to be favorites of mine. This time I adored what looks to be a candle and blackened wick. Did I get that right? Something so unexpected, mysterious even whimsical about it.
    Have a great week, dear friend!

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