Goodbye Michelle

I can’t believe that Michelle from MandarinMeg so generous, and knowledgeable, whom I had never really met except on her blog or mine can be gone. I learnt it through her friend Stu Savory.
I met her two years ago when I started my blog and she helped me so many times, making posts look the way I wanted them to be.
Like all her friends from throughout the world, I have trouble expressing how I feel. I extend all my sympathy to her family and friends.

I know that she loved birds and flowers and that Michelle was generosity personified. Her last two posts were a stamp dedicated to breast cancer

and a post to help you make a non profit banner
She was also a great story teller. You must read her mother’s Day post of last year
You can see more of Michelle’s photos here and more about herself here.

A red rose for you, Michelle

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Little did I know, back in April, when I asked Meg for a lesson in lists and bullets, that I would use it here. One of the many things she’s taught me. You just had to ask and she’d give you the answer


13 thoughts on “Goodbye Michelle

  1. I am sad to learn of Michelle’s death. My sympathy to her friends and family.

    Although I had not learned yet to use much of Michelle’s excellent
    tutorials I always admired her freely giving such instructions and help to novices like me and others.

    I just visited Michelle’s Mandarin Design web page and this quote
    archived verse of scripture seems approiate as we remember Michelle.

    If I take the wings
    of the morning
    and settle at
    the furthest limits of the sea
    Even there your hand
    shall lead me
    and your right hand
    shall hold me fast
    (Ps. 139:9-10)

  2. sorry for the typo..should be “appropriate”

    As Michelle said on her Mandarin site.

    Mandarin Design
    “For people who make mistakes”

    That sure includes me.

  3. I can’t say it any better than Chancy did. What a terrible shock. Even though I had no direct communication with her I elt I “knew” Michelle from reading your posts. It’s a terrible loss for the blog world. And for you, Claude. I’m so sorry.

  4. tears. they’re coming on slowly, because belief and understanding are coming
    slowly. but, peace now. she hadn’t had that for way too long.

  5. I only know of Meg through your mentions of her on this site, Claude, but I read through the testimonials in the list you put together here. She sounds like a very giving person and it’s obvious that the blogging community will be mourning her passing for some time to come.

  6. I so adored Michelle. I don’t think there has been a day in the last 2-3 years that I have not learned something by visiting her site. Your words{as others} are just right, when there really are not words enough. Thank-YOU for including my wee-link/post in yours{I am honored}. Best back w/Hugs passed between Friends.

  7. What a terrible shame and tragic loss. I only knew of Michelle
    via the blog world and hearing her name.
    That post she did on Mother’s Day was really something. Quite a story.
    Sending you and all who knew her my sympathy, Claude. I’m so sorry
    for her loss.

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  10. How sorry I am to learn about Michelle’s departure!
    I never had the opportunity to thank her for the knowledge she freely gave to us online.
    I used a few of her codes, and I tried to return to her site a couple of weeks ago, only to find out that it was no longer there.
    Thank you Michelle, for your selflessness, and may you have a happy rebirth.
    I just wish your materials were kept online, so that your spirit keeps living online through it.

    I am very sad for your departure.


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