Off to Normandy


In my thirtiesOverflowing trash

I really should have taken a photo of my scanner piled high with bills and stuff! (If you are wondering why the scanner, it’s just that it’s next to my computer and all the mail lands there as I turn the computer on).
But you can imagine from the overflowing wastepaper basket what I have been through. Every time I go through this, I swear to myself that this time, I’ll be good. I’ll take care of every letter as soon as it arrives. And every time, I can’t be bothered and I end up spending several hours doing what would take a few minutes a day, if I did it the right way. Just try making a squared circle out this mess! 😉
Going through the bills I haven’t paid and the snail mail that has piled up on my scanner, –yes, I AM messy and lazy, but I certainly don’t want to find the same pile when I get back home! Throwing away useless papers, packing books, dvds and some clothes, I have always hated getting ready to go. I hate transitions. I hate in-betweens, when you are neither here nor there.
I was supposed to have left today, but I am the queen of procrastination, so here I am, blogging instead of packing. Who am I grumbling at, except myself?


4 thoughts on “Off to Normandy

  1. Last week, I needed to find the receipt for my broken router so I had to go through all the paperwork. I got as far as putting all the paperwork into neat seperate piles ready for filing into hanging files in the filing cabinet. They ended up in one big pile again 😦 but I did find the receipt 🙂 but I lost the thread of the CSI TV program I was meant to be watching 😦

  2. Wow! Do you ever describe how we approach getting ready to “go”.
    It’s about just the same as when we’re getting ready for a surprise
    visit from someone but then we do it all faster. My one dream is
    to have (almost)everything in its rightful place so we can enjoy
    the order and at the same time be ready for visitors or going
    Ahh well.

  3. I’m smiling, Claude. I think it’s human nature…I’m
    an extremely organized person, however, when it comes to
    “papers” somehow, they all end up here on top of my desk
    and then it’s a matter of going through it all and saying once
    again, “next time, I won’t do this.” yup…right.
    Normandy! OH, how I envy you! I adore Normandy. Was there
    in 1985 and got to retrace my dad’s WWII journey when
    he was there for the Invasion.
    Bon Voyage to you and sure hope you’ll be blogging from
    there as well.

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