Holiday homework


Mosaic of mosaics
Alphabet and number sets
Completed at long last!

This morning, as I was expecting the delivery man who was supposed to have come between 9h and 9h30 and finally showed up at 12 noon, I finished something I started months ago on flickr, a mosaic of mosaics of number and alphabet sets. Of course, in this as in squared circles, I am but LeoL30‘s follower, and he finished his own mosaic some four months ago.
No wonder I have little time left to blog! 😉
In case you are wondering, I took every single one of the photos forming the mosaics over the last year and a half, haphazardly at first, and later on with the project of completing the mosaic. The whole set is here.
And if any of you says I have the mind of a twelve-year old, well, I’ll have to agree. –But it is a lot of fun.
By the way, Happy Fourth of July to my American friends

I wish I could understand why text looks nicer with the dropcap above, than when I use a textbox like in this post. But Meg at Mandarindesign is not here to help me. I miss her.


5 thoughts on “Holiday homework

  1. Hi Claude,
    I’m back home from a whirlwind trip to New Mexico. Carole and Jack lived there for several years and I’ve grown fond of visiting Santa Fe with them.
    Your mosaic is fabulous. It would make a beautiful and very sophisticated poster. I’m so impressed! Oh, and how I loved the photo below of Mounir. It says so much! I’m sorry to hear about Ronni’s hiatus but I think it’s exactly the right thing for her to do. Strange. I feel like Mother is going away without me!

    Off to check you latest daily snaps. Take care, sweet Claude,

  2. they’re right claude, your mosaic is an excellent piece of work. i applaud the massive amount of effort you put into your photography.
    i miss meg too.

  3. This is a fascinating mosaic, Claude! Reminds me that many years ago I use to to get quite caught up in drawing all sorts of geometric designs, inter-related figures, painting them a variety of colors. Interesting what can intrigue and hold our attention.

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