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Ginnie posted a comment on Octogenarian’s latest post (incidentally, a great one about his Hassidic grandfather that you don’t want to miss) and I went to her newly created blog, GoldenDaze Ginnie, which looks pretty promising to me. Her latest story is entitled 1943, Entertaining British Soldiers in New England.
I meant to post a comment, but Ginnie has only allowed Blogger’s comments. As I blog with WordPress, I couldn’t leave one.
Please go and visit Ginnie and if you are a Blogger, tell her to open her comments to other people. I want to be able to visit, and let her know that I did! 😉

  1. Just read a cat story that I loved at Kenju‘s. Don’t miss it!
  2. Visit Alan G’s blog for a “smooch” and a laugh 😉

7 thoughts on “Warm welcome to a new elder blogger

  1. Yeah, I enjoyed my visit to Ginnie, and her story, after reading her comment at Octogenarian. And…coincidentally, I had visited Kenju, too, but I got interested in her post about collecting funny names.

    What else did you do today, Claude, that I might have done, too?? 😉
    Did you happen to catch a new post at TGB, ’cause I went there?

    I think it’s time to check out your Daily Snap!

  2. Morning Claude,

    Glad you dropped by for a visit to my blog. I left you a note.

    I have left Ginnie a post about changing her “Comments” settings on her blog and explained you were desiring to comment on her blog and were from France. Also left her your blog address so hopefully she will at least make contact with you.


  3. two thank yous. first to claude for informing the elderblogger community
    about a new member. second to alan g for making the effort to help ginnie
    receive comments from others. as another 70+ member, i’d enjoy watching her
    progess in this universe. fascinated by her description of staying at monasteries
    in italy.

    btw, having the term “elderblogger” in headlines will definitely increase our
    visibility in the search engines. right?

  4. Thanks for putting us in touch with Ginnie…I also just visited there and I think
    it’ll be a great blog. I also asked if she could open up
    the comments for those of us that don’t use Blogger.
    Have a good weekend. I take it you’re still in Normandy?
    Would love some photos here.

  5. Thanks for the link Claude. I think I’ll be visiting Ginnie from time to time. I hope you have been well. It’s been a busy 3+ weeks here with family and friends; but I really missed visiting my blogging buddies. I’m hoping to catch up now. I’ll be back…

  6. Thank you so much for your interest. Alan G. has very thoughtfully walked me through the blogger process so that, hopefully, anyone can make comments now.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    I also loved the article on Octeganarian about his grandfather and will write about mine in tomorrow’s Post.
    All the best from North Carolina. Ginnie

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