Passwords, registrations and the likes

“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris

No, no and no!

OK, here I am in Grumbleland again. I meant to leave a comment on somebody’s page and was told that I should subscribe to the blog if I wanted to comment. I started to and the password system the handle I had chosen.
My life is bogged with passwords. My bank account requires me to change passwords every other month. I have to remember my Visa card number and not write it anywhere. I need to keep track of my blog password, flickr password and God knows how many more.
And now I have to remember another one so that somebody whose blog I want to comment on won’t get as much spam?
Akismet has removed over 6500 spam messages from my blog since it was installed. And this is without counting the manual removing of trackback spam and the few messages that get through the filter of Akismet. I hate spam just as much as any other blogger.
But register with yet another system with yet another password?
Well, no thank you, I won’t. No one whose blog I have to subscribe to will get any comment from me and that is that! 😉

  1. I can’t even remember where I took this photo, as I have uploaded over 10,500 since I joined flickr back in January 2005. I post one a day at Claude’s Daily Snap
  2. GoldenLucyd had not been blogging for a while. For those of you who were worried about her, she is well and kicking!

7 thoughts on “Passwords, registrations and the likes

  1. I hate spam, too, but there are lots of these annoying gates to get through to leave comments, eg. Typepad’s Type Key system, and Blogger’s scrambled letter system.

    I have WordPress as well, and I like the options for spam filtering. I’ve been using the option to allow previously approved commenters only, plus holding comments with links for moderation. I just have to approve the commenter once, and that’s all that is necessary. I find this method to be very effective for stopping spam. I wish everyone used the same system!

  2. Claude, I couldn’t agree with you more and I loved your article…since it made me feel not so stupid. I did the password thing to comment on someones Blog and it completely loused up my ability to get into my own Blog. I’m back on track now but I, too, will never leave a comment where I have to use a new password.
    I enjoy your Blog very much. Regards, Ginnie

  3. Well, I believe you covered that subject to a satisfactory conclusion. Anymore, when you go to some site just to try and get some information you have to register – and yes…get a password.

    And I noticed your 10,500 photo uploads while viewing your photos. That is amazing just in intself. And let me say that if any of you other folks haven’t visited Claude’s photo gallery you’re missing some beautiful photos and interesting subjects.

  4. I haven’t run into the “password” problem trying to comment on a blog (yet) but the registering to access a news article drives me nuts. I used “bug me not” for a time but even that’s too much effort when some of the generic id’s given won’t work.

    Also re: Claude’s photos – they do inspire me. Now I have to get past “inspire” and start taking some pics.

  5. Claude, I hear you…and I find it drives me crazy too. When I go to someone’s site and want to leave some hearfelt words, I don’t want to remember another password to do so. On occasion, no matter what I do, it won’t work…and I leave very frustrated and sorry that I can’t leave my comments. I know the blogger can’t be happy to lose some reader comments. It’s not that I don’t understand the whole spam problem. We ALL get our share; but it’s starting to take us to a new and inconvenient level. Thanks for the post Claude.

  6. Good for you. Although I haven’t encountered this yet on a blog, having to do a
    password. I don’t have the time, nor the inclination either.
    So you weren’t grumbling….you were just being honest.
    And I DO have to get into that photo gallery of yours.
    Will make me miss my beloved Paris even more.

  7. I’m using the open source tool KeePass to manage a lot of my passwords (not all of them are in there yet) which makes it less of a pain.
    Also most of my passwords follow a certain system, which makes them easier to remember, yet unique for each site.

    I’d recommend KeePass though. It’s easy to use once you set it up, and it really makes filling out those password forms only a matter of hitting a shortcut key.

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