Blogging in Paris


The real voyage
of discovery
consists not in seeking
new landscapes
but in having
new eyes.
Marcel Proust

Le véritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages, mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux.


6 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. Photography is the art of showing our fellow man the infiniteness of beauty, tragedy, love, despair, happiness, and suffering – hence giving him the knowledge that these things exist should he pass by and not see.

  2. This quote has so much meaning for me. I recently had a very bad cataract removed from one eye and the world looks like a new and shiny place. It’s meant I can enjoy your pictures as well as your blog thoughts and because of you I’m actually going out and taking pictures! I never wanted to forget that first morning I saw things so clearly and with so much brilliance but I did forget…..this brought me right back to that morning! As always….Merci!

  3. Our family joined the Proust Society of America last time we visited NYC. I like saying I belong even if I get lost in his sentences.
    Here’s their link in case any of you want to be part of the “in” crowd.
    PS: You can get a very groovy tote bag printed with both French and English. Many folks assume I can speak French. I never correct them.

  4. What a mouth full that quote is! There is so much meaning to it.

    Makes me think of, “The grass is always greener in some else’s lawn.”

    It’s how you look at things.

    I have a friend who thinks that if she moved, she would be happier. What I can’t say to her is, “you will be taking yourself with you.”

    If you see the cup half empty – it’s half empty
    If you see the cup half full – it’s half full

    I’ll be thinking more about this post.


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