In the heat of the day


Smiling at me

Not much new this morning, see Crabby Old Lady aka Ronni’s yesterday’s post! Considering the heat wave in Normandy, the only thing to do is buy one of those and go to the beach 😉

  1. Visit Reader I married him, and read his contribution to the Where I’m from meme.

8 thoughts on “In the heat of the day

  1. Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Well it was 39C/102F here yesterday and I noted this morning it is suppose to be about 35C/95F there today. Our average temperature for this time of year is normally around the temperatures you are experiencing.

    When I saw your photo I was immediately curious as to whether the balloon was one of France’s local cartoon characters or something along those lines. Then when I clicked on the photo and went to your photo album I noticed one of your commenters had noted the photo was Spyro the Dragon. So then I had to go “google” Spyro the Dragon – thus receiving my education for the day.

    Guess I need to go buy a Playstation and some video games and catch up with the rest of civilization huh?

  2. july 20, 9:15 a.m. in new york city. we have turned off the air-conditioning,
    opened windows to invite cool breezes! overcast sky. it’s only 71 degrees.
    i hope it reaches all of you–wherever you are.

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