Back to normal



The last few days have been pretty unpleasant. One evening, I noticed blood stains on my brand new carpetting. The blood of course, turned out to be Mounir’s. So I called up the vet and we landed at his surgery. Mounir, who is normally the sweetest cat turns into a wild beast when taken to the vet. He was faithful to tradition and had to be anaesthetized. It turned out that he had a badly infected abscess of the the anal gland. When we got back home, he was still asleep and didn’t leave his travel box for a while, still in the clouds of the anaesthetic. When he got out of the box, he was still very wobbly and his pupils were dilated and I guess he was still in pain. Every time I got in the same room as him, he’d hiss, growl and was pretty aggressive.

What’s up?

Meanwhile, one of my friends came to visit and the next day, we were having dinner on my balcony, when Mounir arrived and literally chased us out of the balcony with his hissing.
I was really worried as it had been over 24 hours since he had been anaesthetized, it felt like he’d never get back to normal and I couldn’t face the idea of living with a tiger. The next day was better, although he didn’t move much. I was also worried because I was supposed to take him back to the vet for an antibiotic shot and couldn’t imagine how I would put him into his travel box, but all was well that ended well. While I am writing this, he is having a go at his dry food.


6 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. Good Afternoon Claude,

    Thank goodness things are improving. You scared me there briefly. I thought maybe something had happened to Mounir. I knew you had been scarce for the last couple of days but assumed you must be out photographing. Especially since you all seemed to have gotten some relief from the heat. Eating is always a good sign so I wish the best.

    On a humorous note, it does sound like Mounir may be quite put out with you and any other human for his condition with the hissing and all. 🙂

    Again…wishing you and Mounir the best.

  2. Yeah, it sounds like Mounir was a little bit testy…but who’s to blame him. Glad he’s feeling better Claude. Happy healing Mounir…

  3. Thanks for the update on Mounir! I’m so sorry he’s had that nasty experience….and he scared you in the process. Sending healing thoughts to him and wishing you some peace and quiet.

  4. Good boy Mounir….Glad you are nibbling on your food. Get plenty of reat
    Sorry you had a bad time but I am glad you are better.

    I have also been sick. Horrible sore throat, couldn’t even swallow water for 3 days. Could not speak
    for almost a week. But with antibiotics and a doctor visit, I am better but not 100%

    PS; I only “hiss” when I start to feel better and there is nobody areound
    for me to hiss at except Mr C and I know better than that. He takes good care of me, so I don’t dare “hiss.”

  5. Ooooh, poor Mounir….but I was glad to hear he’s feeling better
    and hopefully over the worst of his surgery now.
    Be sure to give us an update as to how he’s doing.
    He’s such a gorgeous cat.

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