Phew! Back on line after three hours of anguish

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like DOWN! Blogging in Paris went down for over three hours this morning
Sometimes, I think that I like to live dangerously. Here I am in Normandy with my laptop, on which, I must admit, I do not save daily what I put on line. (I don’t do that in Paris either, to tell you the truth).
I didn’t do the last upgrade to WordPress in Paris, postponing and postponing. Didn’t I say, not so long ago, that I was the queen of procrastination?
Still, the upgrade could really have waited till I was back in Paris.
For some reason, it had to be today.
Everything went wrong. I didn’t save the database, I never do, as I find it too complicated. I forgot to deactivate the plugins and that was lethal. So Blogging in Paris just collapsed.
I tried for three hours to find a solution in the WordPress Support Forums, to no avail, and finally had the idea of saving my images, sound, videos and theme to my hard disk, then deleted the whole blog, reinstalled WordPress from scratch, and put all the images, sound and video back online.
In the process, I learnt something: there is a plugin called WordPress Database Backup that will save your database very easily. Plugin installed and database saved!
So like yesterday, all is well that ends well

Mounir says thank you to all of you who have sent him their wishes for a prompt recovery. He is doing a lot of sleeping and eating and has returned to being his usual sweet self. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Phew! Back on line after three hours of anguish

  1. You may be a procrastinator but you are also very smart and handy
    with your computer fingers! Wow, these things you do to restore your
    computer have me agog. If only…

  2. Hi Claude: “Misery loves company” so it was comforting to find that I am not the only one with computer problems. I was so proud of myself for downloading Mazilla FireFox but then went on to do something else (have no idea what) and loused it all up. My solution (learned a long time ago when I uninstalled something by mistake) was to go to “Start”, then “All Programs” then “Accessories”, then “System Tools” and finally to “System Restore”. It is very easy to restore back to a time when all worked well…and then I simple re-installed FireFox. Hope this makes sense, All the best, Ginnie

  3. Sorry to hear about all the computer fun Claude. My sympathy goes out to you. I can only imagine the knot in your stomach when you thought you might have lost everything on the blog. Glad you mentioned the Data Base. I had seen it but had never installed it. And I should know better. I will go get it and install it in the next couple of days for sure.

    Glad Mounir is improving also. And if you don’t mind me asking considering my French is all but non-existent – Is Mounir a boy or a girl? My little “French to English” translation website never had heard of Mounir. That photo of him/her peering over your bed looks like a mischievous boy!

  4. There is nothing more frightening when you think you may have lost all your data Claude….I’ve been there. I’ve never scrambled so fast to retrieve things….and still I lost some things. Glad everything is okay. Cheers to you Claude and sweet Mounir….

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