Two books and a film


Stefan Zweig

I am reading Stefan Zweig‘s biography, The World of Yesterday. What an incredible destiny! What a European hero! He had met all the people that counted in the Europe of his time. As I have never been to Vienna, or Austria, reading Zweig makes me want to go there and see those places he describes.
I share the feeling of total boredom during his school-years, a feeling that I understand so well, as I experienced it when I was in highschool. But coming from such a learned and cultured man, I found it surprising.


I finished reading Elizabeth Gaskell‘s North and South, which I really loved. The book had been sitting on one of my shelves for the longest time and what made me pick it up again was watching the BBC series. I found it so well-done that I wanted to read the book it stemmed from. Gaskell is so different from Jane Austen, but just as enthralling.
For some reason, I had stopped reading for the last ten years or so. I would only read murder mysteries (I still do), but couldn’t tackle anything else. I don’t know what made me start reading again, but it feels good.

Corpse Bride

Watched Corpse Bride, aptly named Les Noces Funèbres in French, by Tim Burton (one of my Mother’s Day presents) and loved it. In some respects, it reminds me of Beetlejuice (the movie, not the TV series) that I just love too. I like cartoons and animated movies a lot. And Burton’s kind of humour quite suits me.

  1. Followup on Art Buchwald. Read Hold the eulogies, he’s not dead, in the Boston Globe. Art has left the hospice and is vacationing in his summer house. What a great guy!
  2. The statue of Stefan Zweig is at Jardin du Luxembourg (near rue d’Assas) and when I took it, I never thought I would use it on my blog!
  3. Elizabeth Gaskell, obviously isn’t mine. I took the Corpse Bride DVD especially for this post, and guess what, it made an adequate squared circle!

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9 thoughts on “Two books and a film

  1. I used to read like crazy…all kinds of books. Like you I went thru a period of very little reading the last few years except for mysteries. I wonder if it’s a stage of life thing? At a certain point I didn’t want to read anything more taxing or thought provoking than a mystery. Nor did I want to see a movie that upset me. These were huge changes for me and coincided with turning 50. I wondered why I changed and if I would ever go back to reading anything serious. The 2 books you mention are intriguing…..I might be ready for something a little more serious again.

  2. Shallow me. Murder mysteries are my mainstay these days–esp anything with a legal slant. I’ve always dreamed of being a lawyer but reading lots of mystery novels is much easier than law school. If I need a humor fix I fall back on Mark Twain or James Thurber. With my memory it’s deja vu all over again.

  3. Claude: I was really surprised to read that you had given up reading (at least, of anything with substance) for 10 years. I have a hard time leaving a good book alone for 10 minutes! So glad you’re back in the fold and I appreciate your reviews.
    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on Art Buchwald…isn’t he amazing?

  4. thanks Claude for the update on Art Buchwald. What a guy.

    I have digressed in my reading habits and recently prefer something light.
    I have always looked askance at Danielle Steel, fiction but I
    recently picked up her book\”Wanderlust\” at our library book sale.
    I enjoyed it and could not put it down. Now I am itching for another one by DS
    \”Wanderlust\” is one of her older books so maybe they were less factory
    turned out then.

    I have also recently returned to biographys. I read the biography of
    Pamela Harriman \”Life of the Party\” and then \”Rose\” about Rose Kennedy And the biography of
    Claire Booth Luce.

  5. Oh, thank you SO much for the link to the Globe on Buchwald’s
    article. I really enjoyed it!
    I’ve always adored him and devoured his memoir,
    “I’ll Always Have Paris” which, of course, I just happened to purchase in Paris.
    So, I’m now anxiously waiting for his new book to come out.

  6. Thanks for the update on Art Buchwald. I’ve been a fan of his since I was a kid and he had a regular column in the newspaper. I also like your photo blog. We haven’t been on holiday in France in a while and I miss the markets with its piles of haricot vert.

  7. I am surrounded by friends who love to read when we get
    together the books fly as we exchange the ones we’ve read
    for something new.

    I also belong to a book club and it is fun to sit around in
    an evening and discuss the latest pick.

    Thanks for the length to Art Buchwald update. He has always
    been a favorite of mine.

  8. This is my first time reading your blog…I saved a clip from the Wall St Street Journal that recommended it…and I love your pictures and your taste in books. I am already inundated with stuff to read but may have to get Stefan Zweig…I have been to Vienna and might remember some of the places that he mentions. It’s been a while though…1982. I also love Beetlejuice the movie! I will have to check out the Corpse Bride. And am glad I read the comments since I didn’t know that Art Buchwald had written a book about Paris…or at least partly about Paris, maybe the title is a joke…? So thank you and I look forward to reading your blog again.

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