Off to Yorkshire

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“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris


Off to England
Off to England

I’m getting ready to go to England for ten days or so. We’ll be sailing from Zeebrugge to Hull, and travelling around Yorkshire.
Meanwhile, I will be experimenting a feature of WordPress that I have not really tried yet. I have prepared four posts that should be posted while I am away, this one included.
Following into the tracks of Terri Dulong, with her My Beloved Paris series, I will be starting a series about my love story with the English language.
So stay tuned while I am away.:)


6 thoughts on “Off to Yorkshire

  1. Ah, you’re off to Jolly Ole England. Have a gin and tonic for me!
    Wishing you a Bon Voyage. Looking forward to those upcoming posts and your love
    for the English language….but come ON, you have to admit,
    there is NO language as beautiful as the French language.
    Look forward to your return, Claude. But glad you
    were able to pre-do some entries.
    And thanks for the mention….I have another installment of My Beloved Paris being
    posted tomorrow.

  2. Zeebrugge to Hull! You’re certainly not going the pretty way. I don’t know what Zeebrugge is like but on this side of teh channel, things get much prettier after Hull. Bon Route!

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