Castle Howard butterflyA butterfly in the gardens of Castle Howard

Just to let you know that I am back from Yorkshire, where I spent ten lovely days with my friend Catherine. Ten days full of beauty and exciting sights. As I have taken oven 3,000 photos, –yes, I know, I am a photo hog– it’ll take me some time to process them and decide which ones I want to post. And I also need some time to ‘digest’ what I have seen. So I hope you’ll bear with me.
I also want to catch up with my blog reading. I thought we would be able to stop at an Internet café a couple of times, but we just didn’t find any.

  1. I took this butterfly at Castle Howard, one of the many wonderful historic places we’ve been to.
    Getting a shot of this particular butterfly was pretty difficult. Those beauties move all the time and I find it difficult to be as fast as they are. But digital photography allows you to snap as many shots as necessary to get a tolerable one.
  2. Have just finished reading Golden Lucyd dam letters. I will say no more, just go and read them for a good laugh


6 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. Oh Lord that’s a gorgeous butterfly – not at all like any I’ve seen here in California. My front yard is supposed to be a cottage garden with a Butterfly Bush – several different kinds of Lavender and other plants to attract hummingbirds and butterflies but I have yet to see one this brilliantly colored!

    Welcome back and can’t wait for the pics and posts – you were missed.

  2. Me again…on someone else’s blog you added a comment about the type of camera you have and why you like it – think because it’s light and easy to carry? For the life of me I can’t find that comment of yours on anyone’s blog – do you mind sharing that info again? Thanks Claude! (you know – like if I had your camera I suddenly could take fab pix like yours…..sure…..)

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