Before Yorkshire, Bruges.


Close views of BrugesBruges mosaic

At the end of July, I wrote that I was going to take the ferry from Zeebrugge to Hull, and Peggy from Day to Day Life of a Lazy Gardener commented:

Zeebrugge to Hull! You’re certainly not going the pretty way. I don’t know what Zeebrugge is like but on this side of the channel, things get much prettier after Hull.

Well, she was right about Zeebrugge AND Hull, but guess what! Just before Zeebrugge, is Brugge, or Bruges! And that was well worth stopping over. My Bruges set is here and still growing. For a slideshow view, click here.
I wouldn’t like you to miss my favourite in the mosaic above.

  1. Incidentally, making such mosaics is really easy thanks to fd’s flickr toys


7 thoughts on “Before Yorkshire, Bruges.

  1. Hi Claude…

    Enjoyed the slide show/photographs as always. Was not familiar with Bruges so I had to figure out where it was. Now I know why you had one of the categories as Belgium. :

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Only 2,943 more photos left to show us. By the way, I like the mosaic. Interesting way to present a group of photos. Never have seen that technique before.

  2. Your abilit with a camera is
    unbelievable. The photos made
    me feel as though I was in
    the midst of Bruges and brought
    out that old urge to travel
    again to Europe

  3. Oh, Claude, I loved your Brugge photos. They brought back wonderful memories of my
    trip there in the late ’80’s. We stayed at a lovely inn
    overlooking the river. I was captivated with the lace
    makers and the beauty of the town. One of the most
    picturesque places I’ve visited, with such old world charm.

  4. Hey! Am I the only one here who’s never been to Europe—where I assume Bruges is located.:) Oh well, there’s still time. But I better not wait too much longer! Loved the mosaic Claude. I’m going to he link you provided and determine if I might be able to do it myself Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. The Zeebrugge etc musings brought on a rush of blood which may be seen by clicking on “Seventy and rising” thoughtfully provided by Claude in her Links column on the right.

  6. Claude – Bruges and Ghent are two of my favorite cities. I had no idea I would love Belgium as much as I did. It’s a little known treasure trove of old world charm and you captured it with your photos. I think the beginning of The Nun’s Story with Audrey Hepburn may have been filmed in one of those cities. Thanks for reminding me of wonderful trips there……

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