From Zeebrugge to Hull on the ferry


Sunset over the North SeaSunset over the North Sea

I have always enjoyed taking the ferry over to the UK! Much more exciting than the Eurostar. You get a sense of adventure and save one B&B night, that is when the sea is calm, of course.
And, as Septuagent aptly says,

it makes a lot of sense to hop on a ship asap and let the crew do the driving, rather than to hammer all down the length of UK and round London to get to (say) Dover.

This sunset photo was taken on the way over but on the way back, I surprised myself enjoying taking pictures of the industrial landscapes of Hull, when it was more cloudy.

My ferry photos are here.


9 thoughts on “From Zeebrugge to Hull on the ferry

  1. That is exactly the reason we take the ferry too! We really like the Portsmouth to St Malo crossing. You miss all of the Pas de Calais and Normandy driving (pretty but takes a whole day) PLUS as you have said, you skip a night in a hotel. When you wake up in the morning, we’re in Brittany and mere hours from our destination, Carnac (where we have gone at least three times). Coming into St Malo first thing in the morning is wonderful. The old town and it’s ramparts always fill me with excitement and I do a bit of girly hand clapping and jumping up and down. Off the boat and straight to the nearest cafe for breakfast and voila! We are on vacation!

  2. Beautiful photos Claude – checked out the others also.

    Guess what? I may have to post another song on my site now because of your post. Back around 1993 or 1994 I wrote a song (instrumental) titled “Dance of the North Sea” which I was inspired to write when a friend of mine, who is of Irish decent, went to visit Ireland. I will try to post it in the next couple of days.

  3. Hello Claude! How are you?
    I really like your blog. I come and read it regularly. And I love the pix too. 🙂
    I would like to ask you something. How did you put a picture in the tittle of your blog?
    Because i would like to open a blog too but would to like personalize it with a picture too but it seems a bit complicated to do. Do i have to do it using HTML codes? How did you do?
    Well, if you can help me…
    Thank you. Have a nice day!


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