Visiting Castle Howard

“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris


Castle Howard, Yorkshire, U.K.Visiting Castle Howard


As I couldn’t decide which photo to post, I resorted once more to a mosaic. We were quite lucky with the weather on the day when we went to there. It’s a huge property and there was quite a lot we couldn’t see as after a three or four hours’ walk, we felt exhausted. The house itself is quite beautiful and was one of the settings used for Brideshead Revisited. Quite beautiful paintings and furniture, but no photo taking allowed .
The Howardian Hills are a beautiful showcase for the house and park. There’s a gorgeous Walled Garden where I couldn’t stop snapping, a luscious vegetable garden, and lovely fountains.
And some colourful peacocks parading around, as you can see on the centrepiece of the mosaic.

All the photos I posted on flickr are here (71 of them, so the slideshow would be quite long!)


5 thoughts on “Visiting Castle Howard

  1. Wonderful photo of the peacock butterfly as well as the peacock! I think Castle Howard is beautiful. We’ve been by so many times and have never planned a trip inside the grounds.

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