On our way to Whitby Abbey, we drove across the North York Moors National Park and stopped at the Hole of Orcum.

(…) legend has it that it was created when a giant named Wade, who was in fact a Saxon chief, grabbed a ‘handful’ of earth to throw at his wife, Bell – the soil missed its target and landed to form the 800ft high hill of Blakey Topping which lies about a mile to the east.

I posted some photos on flickr, but none that does justice to the landscape. We didn’t have time to go for a walk on the moor, but did go down a bit, and while we were going back up, I saw this sign, which was pretty clear

Hole of Horcum

Instead of reading signs, I should have looked at the ground! I tripped on a rock and fell down. I fell on my right knee and hate to admit that it still hurts from that fall. Why, oh why did I read signs instead of watching my step?

Now, I took a photo of this other sign and would like to know if you understand what it means.

Do not ???

A click on the photo will take you to the solution.


6 thoughts on “Signs

  1. claude, have just spent delightful time catching up with your postings. your
    photos of signs really speak to me. how about “large men looming ahead”? one
    day i’ll have to study your blog and ronni’s to get a handle on how-to-do a
    series. very tidy way to return to an ongoing idea.

    looking at the terrific photos here, particularly close-ups, i think
    there’s a need for a better digital. but it would be heavier! maybe you can
    write about what we carry in our purses and help me get to the “less is more”
    state with the bag.

    hope the leg pain has disapated (talk about memory, can’t even think about
    how to spell that). -naomi

  2. Claude Take care of that knee. If you get much swelling
    go see the Doctor. I fell about 3 years ago ,
    simply tripped going up one front stoop step, not a bad
    injury, and it turned into cellulitus I think I did not put
    antiseptic on knee immediately.

    My guess on the photo would have been “Uneven Terrain”

    Take care

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