Happy birthday, Millie!

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Happy Birthday, Millie!And many happy returns

Having seen and heard you at Blogher and on the various episodes of I can’t open it, I feel like I really know you, even though we haven’t met. I cannot believe that you are 81, although I’m sure it’s true and am sending you lots of love and best wishes for many happy returns. I am sure you are having a wonderful birthday with Steve and friends!

  1. I thought I had photographed a lot of sunflowers, as I had decided on a sunflowers mosaic, but it turned out I had only five, and I went out checking flowershops for more. I got some help with number 81, which originally looked really crusty from flickr friend LeoL30.
  2. I hope you will all visit Millie’s blog, at My Mom’s Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie and leave her a happy 81st birthday message.
  3. Quite exceptionally, I have recorded this in English, as I understand you don’t speak French, Millie 😉
    To listen to this post click here
  4. Saw it at Time Goes By and couldn’t resist. It’s just so brilliant. Go see it at blaugh
    Thoroughly Older Millie

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9 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Millie!

  1. Dear Claude,
    I’ve been in KS for the past few days but like Dorothy, I’m not in KS anymore. Millie’s BDay? I feel terrible! I didn’t know. Millie is a great role model for me. I’m indebted to her for her support and encouragement, of course. However, the greatest thing about Millie is that she’s a vibrant, interesting and I’d love her even if she hadn’t been so kind to me. So I join you in a salute to the Divine Diva of Elder-blogdom. We love you Millie!!!

  2. Claude

    Like you said, we have never meet but I feel that I know you. What a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person you are.

    Thank you so much for all your good wishes and that marvelous photograph of sunflowers, which as you know are my favorites.

    Sending you a great big hug and kiss across the seas!!

    I’m so fortunate to have a friend like you.

  3. I did exactly what I was told and visited Millie’s blog to wish her a Happy Birthday. Clearly I’ve missed out on the fun over at her place!

    But the SUNFLOWERS……Claude they’re gorgeous and thoughtful and inspiring. Only you could come up with this! Every time I see a sunflower I am reminded of a scene in the movie Dr. Zhivago with Julie Christie in a hospital and a wonderful shot of a vase of sunflowers on a dusty table. Now I’ll think of this mosaic when I see them.

    I already bought a blue and white plate just cuz it reminded me of the “Welcome” plate you arranged for Ronni Bennett’s move to Maine!

  4. Thank you Claude for always keeping us abreast of what’s important. I will get right on over to Millie’s blog and wish her the best. She is a great inspiration.

  5. claude! another stunning collage! it is wonderful when we elders celebrate
    one another’s successess–like moving on to another year. and people ask me
    why elderblogging is so special. yours, naomi

  6. In June, I DID have the wonderful pleasure of getting to meet Millie in person. She’s even more delightful face to face.
    I visit her regularly via her blog and have stopped by there to add my birthday wishes. What a beautiful gift of sunflowers you gave to her, Claude!
    And NOW….I can’t wait to meet YOU when I’m in Paris in March!

  7. Hi Claude

    I’m back the same day and am still flying from all the good wishes, cards, pictures and even a song.

    I listens to your podcast again and you sound so charming, just like I thought you would!

    Thanks again for everything that you did to put this together.

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