Rievaulx Abbey

A sample of the signs that warn you when you arrive at Rievaulx Abbey

Danger signs at Rievaulx Abbey Danger signs at Rievaulx Abbey Danger signs at Rievaulx Abbey
Danger signs at Rievaulx Abbey Danger signs at Rievaulx Abbey Danger signs at Rievaulx Abbey

But that didn’t deter us from visiting. Whitby Abbey was quite impressive but gloomy. Rievaulx Abbey was more welcoming, due to the soft hills and bucolic landscape.

Rievaulx Abbey, YorkshireRievaulx sky through the windows


It was so incredibly peaceful and beautiful that I couldn’t stop snapping! I took loads of photos, some of which you can see here. Right after Rievaulx Abbey, we went to Rievaulx Terrace and Temples, a landscape garden looking down on the Abbey.


6 thoughts on “Rievaulx Abbey

  1. Enjoyed the photos as usual. I agree – the abbey appears to be quite massive. I kept waiting for Dracula to step out from behind one of the columns. 🙂 I wonder if it has been the backdrop for any movies?

    Not quite sure what that top, middle sign is unless it is warning of unlevel walk areas?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. There is clearly something wrong with me – I love “gloomy”. Seems to suit the architecture.

    I think I’ve tripped in all the ways shown in those signs.

    And I have to say since I’ve been visiting your blog I notice so many more things and pay attention to every detail. Now I’m out looking for sunflowers everywhere!

  3. Magnifique photo Claude, impressionnante ruine, les avertissement de danger ne doivent pas ĂŞtre un luxe.
    J’ai aimĂ© ton adorĂ© de tournesols et envoyĂ© mes meilleurs voeux Ă  Millie Garfield, merci de me l’avoir fait connaĂ®tre, elle est formidable. J’apprĂ©cie beaucoup ton immense ouverture sur le monde. Love.
    J’essaie en anglais.
    I try translating
    Wonderful picture Claude, impressive ruin, warnings for danger are’nt excessive I suppose. I really adored your sunflowers and sent right away my best wishes to Millie Garfield, thanks for connecting me to her blog, she is a wonderful woman. I appreciate a lot your generous engagement in the whole world all over the bloggers communauty. I love feeling your warm presence.

  4. I’m glad you didn’t stay long at Whitby Abbey, there are vampires! Did you know that at the bottom and to the right of all those steps leading down from the Abbey there is a wonderful little place to buy smoked fish? It has the best smoked fish I’ve ever had in my life. Fortune’s Kippers.

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