Evensong and Cream Tea in York


Inside York MinsterInside York Minster

It was not my first time in York. I was there in my twenties, during a stay at Harrogate, came back with my husband in the eighties and another time with a friend in the nineties. York is such an attractive town! And York Minster is so beautiful. To think that it could have had the same destiny as Rievault Abbey or Whitby Abbey!
I had forgotten that there had been a fire in 1984.
This time, we got out of the rain and went into the Minster when they were going to close it to visitors, but just in time to attend Evensong.
It was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed that moment of peace and beauty. I was quite surprised to see girls, boys and men in the choir.

I remember that summer I spent in Cambridge, when I was eighteen, I happened to visit King’s College Chapel , just as Evensong was starting. The choir was so beautiful that I made a habit of sitting there in the afternoon to listen.

After Evensong, we went to have cream tea at Betty’s where we had the lightest and fluffiest scones you can imagine. That particular cream tea raised a capital question. There was a woman at the table next to us who put the jam first and the cream on top, which had never occurred to me! I had to try (on my second scone) and then couldn’t decide which I liked best.
You may want to visit Baking for Britain for suggestions and recipes. I know I am never going to bake, but I liked the photos and the discussion.

  1. I took photos of York Minster, but the inside photos are not so crisp as it was rather dark because of the rain outside.
  2. My photos of York are here

8 thoughts on “Evensong and Cream Tea in York

  1. Oh scones – my favorite breakfast with a huge cup of very strong hot coffee. It’s 12 midnite here and I don’t have a prayer of finding any scones at this late hour…will be dreaming of them all night!

    Photos are wonderful – as usual.

  2. Fresh cream scones. After slicing in two I spread the jam thickly on both slices and then layer the cream thickly on the jam. I never put the top and bottom slices together as it leads to the cream, streaked with jam, ozing out. Please note I liberally used the word “thickly” and that’s how the jam and cream should be used….liberally and thickly. I feel really hungry now and all I’ve got to go with my cuppa is a dry biscuit.

  3. Lovely photo and I’m drooling over the scones! Hmm, I always put the jam first also and then the cream. Maybe it’s an American thing?
    I loved the town of York when I visited there. So picturesque. I have a good friend that lives in Doncaster, so it made a nice day trip.

  4. Went to the scone site: Baking For Britain. Woof!
    Was my mouth watering!
    We both (husband too) laughed to see so many comments!
    Obviously a hot topic are scones.
    If only I could eat them with abandon.

  5. Mmmmm cream teas! Our village hall holds a cream tea every Sunday in July. In August, the next village over hosts the cream teas. They always do jam on the scone and then the cream. I can’t think it would be sensible to have it any other way. 🙂

    I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera on Sunday as I was going to write about it. If I remember the camera this coming Sunday (my last chance), I’ll show you what the cream teas are like here.

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