A day in Nantes

Blogging in Paris


A detail of Nantes CathedralAngels over the door

I had to go to Nantes on Monday to retrieve my parents’ birth certificates required for obtaining a passport (birth certificates of people being born abroad are kept in Nantes) –I will blog in more detail about getting my passport, when the whole thing is done and over with.
Although the morning was wet and dreary, the afternoon’s weather was much better and I enjoyed visiting the Cathedral and Jardin des Plantes.
What looked at first like a chore, turned out to be avery pleasant day. As I was coming back from my passport errand in the pouring rain, I stopped at the Cathedral and was treated to an organ concert. I also enjoyed a very interesting tour of the place with a remarkable guide. I had lunch with my friend Liliane at La Cigale, one of Nantes oldest brasseries, we discovered Passage Pommeray and then went to Jardin des Plantes.

  1. My photos of the Cathedral.
  2. The tomb and monument to François II
  3. My photos of Brasserie La Cigale
  4. Some of my photos of Passage Pommeray
    Still uploading…
  5. Some of my photos at Jardin des Plantes, in Nantes
  6. And a happy blogiversary to Joy at JoyofSix! Don’t miss today’s post, it’s worth a million!

9 thoughts on “A day in Nantes

  1. claude, the brasserie photos are so compelling. i want to be there!
    my french neighbor just returned from paris and talked about how good
    it was to be in the cafes again. what comparable charm can we
    offer you in the big apple? have to think about that. good to hear
    the passport drama is moving toward completion. yours, naomi

  2. Did you lose your passport or was it confiscated at the border? Surely you don’t have to go through this EVERY time you have to renew your passport. I know that the French are famous for their love of bureaucracy, but really!

    My husband and boys went to a football game at Le Bourgois in Nantes one year when we were on holiday in Carnac. They had a great time. Much better food there than at Sunderland’s football stadium.

    The thing I loved about Nantes was the use of Pampas Grass on the median strip between the lanes of traffic on big roads. I’d never seen these grasses used more beautifully.

    Great photos!

  3. Peggy, it’s the new French law concerning nationality. If neither of your parents was born in France, (even if they were both French, which is my case) you have to get a certificate of nationality, and believe me the French love for papers of all kinds finds its true expression!
    I don’t want to say too much now as I still haven’t got that precious certificate. When I have it, you’ll know everything. 😉

  4. It all sounds very exotic and romantic.. even if it’s only to get passports. Isn’t it interesting how we get so used to where we live and yet people come to visit from all over the world. For me, I live in a famous Golf area, Pinehurst, NC, and it means nothing to me…since I neither play golf nor particularly enjoy it. Go figure.

  5. Oh, Claude, these photos were spectacular! The Cathedral was breathtaking…the architecture in France holds me in awe.
    And the Brasserie…words aren’t adequate to describe that beauty.
    I can’t wait for March to arrive so I can return to my beloved Paris and experience all this beauty first-hand once again.
    All the best to you on that very necessary passport.

  6. Claude – I’m with Naomi and Ginnie…do you realize what it sounds like to us on the other side of the ocean that you have to go to Nantes to get your passport? And then to have lunch at the La Cigale? It is so civilized, romantic, exotic and sophisticated. The most common venture in France is loaded with all those things! Geesh – even the ducks are dressed to the nines.

  7. Claude, I just now realized your very nice mention of my Blogiversary post. Thank you so much dear friend. How thoughtful of you….much appreciated. Love, Joy

  8. Wow, I can’t believe you were here in Nantes and went to see the cathedral too!

    You know, it’s a monument I like so much that I even decide to create a website about it (see with my signature), and although a regular photographer I truly enjoyed your pics. Same for the pictures in the rest of the city, by the way. Do you think I could steal your picture of the pink angels? It’s a nice one.

    Next time you come over here, please drop me a line, we’ll have tea together!

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