Weather report in Nantes…


Looking up at the skySome flowers for Milt


Those flowers were looking up at the sky. The weather that afternoon was beautiful in Nantes and so was the Jardin des Plantes.

You want to read Ronni’s post about Milt from Milt’s Muse. As I created the link, I remembered that his blog had been deleted. I miss his wisdom and his Idaho Falls weather reports. And what a pity not being able to go back to certain posts about dealing with pain. I never thought of saving his blog and am sorry it didn’t occur to me.
Wherever you are, Milt, I am sending you these flowers through the blogosphere.

Joared’s comments at Ronni’s blog

I, too, hope Milt continues to receive the message, that though his blog is offline, he is still in all our thoughts.
I have felt genuine, sincere, interest and concern for Milt’s well being, though I’ve known him only through contact made soon after he started his blog.
I share with all of you the hope that we will learn how he is doing, or if in fact, the removal of his blog has some symbolic meaning.
Thank you, Ronni, for a well-written tribute, that I suspect Milt would not think was small at all.
Weather Report from Los Angeles
It’s been a beautiful, mostly clear and sunny day here in the Los Angeles area. The winds have been calm. It’s been the kind of day you might want to seek some shade, after you’ve spent some time on the other side of the window.

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10 thoughts on “Weather report in Nantes…

  1. Claude,
    I have only been blogging a short time and never visited Milt. Now I will never have the opportunity, and I can tell from the affection his friends are showing that I am missing something.

  2. Very well done, Claude. I had another blog entry set to be posted tomorrow….but I’m going to change it to Tuesday.
    So tomorrow’s blog will be a weather report for Milt.

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