Fountains Abbey


Fountains AbbeyFountains Abbey, Yorkshire


We liked Fountains Abbey so much that we went twice. Not only is it beautiful, but it has huge grounds and the first time, we didn’t get to the deer park.
We started our first visit in the rain, but soon, the weather changed so we were lucky to see the Abbey both in the rain and in the sun. At one point, when the rain stopped a cloud of mist rose, giving the site a mysterious aspect.
Between the river and the forest, Fountains Abbey is just gorgeous.
On our second visit, it was quite hot and sunny and we walked to the Deer Park, expecting to see maybe a couple of deer far away. Not so. There were lots of them and although we didn’t get very close to them, I managed quite a few photos.
My Fountains Abbey photos here
Slideshow here


6 thoughts on “Fountains Abbey

  1. Really enjoy your photos Claude. Even though I guess one refers to these areas as “ruins” they still seem so stately and grand. You can just let your mind runaway with thoughts of what it must have been like during the height of their existence.

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