A great movie: edward SCISSORHANDS

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Edward ScissorHands

My daughter warmly recommended edward SCISSORHANDS, a 1990 movie and lent me the DVD. I quite agree with her, it’s a great movie. As I’ve said earlier, I love Tim Burton‘s movies. And again, there’s more in this movie than meets the eye. Absolutely stunning actors, — I am also a Johnny Depp fan, I find that he is an incredibly versatile actor and as edward, you can hardly recognize him– The whole cast is remarkable and suburbian life is shown with a lot of humour. Great music also. I’m probably the only person who had not seen it yet, but just in case you haven’t, it’s a must.

I can’t resist! This is hilarious, the guys at blaugh are just great

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6 thoughts on “A great movie: edward SCISSORHANDS

  1. I, too, am a Johnny Depp fan, but I had not wanted to see edward Scissorshand. Based on what you have written here, perhaps I should reconsider.

    Isn’t this cartoon and dialogue from Chris and his animator hilarious! I hope they continue. I haven’t laughed so much since Far Side which was quite different from their sense of humor.

  2. Afternoon Claude,

    I liked “Edward Scissorhands” but was not a particular Johnny Depp fan until I watched the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. That is the one that won me over. I just recently watched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and before that “Finding Neverland” which I really enjoyed. I would think you might enjoy “Finding Neverland” but have a box of tissues handy – just in case. 🙂

  3. Just looked on line and found out that there’s a play based on the
    movie that is on tour. It started in Japan(but it’s not Japanese)
    and will travel in the USA starting in California making it’s way
    across country. It will also be in Toronto, Canada.
    Looks wonderful!!

  4. I know, isn’t that a great movie? I’m a long-time Johnny Depp fan….and it’s only getting worse. He’s getting better and better in my book. Scissorhands was his breakout movie, I think.

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