Haworth, home of the Brontë sisters


Fountains AbbeyHaworth cemetery


It was my second time in Haworth. I didn’t remember it as such a touristy place. The main street climbing towards the Brontë’s Parsonage was full of tourist shops. My last time in Haworth was some 12 years ago and I wonder if I just don’t remember it as it was, or if it has changed a lot over the last decade.
Anyway, as soon as you get to the cemetery and to the house, you forget about tourists. I have rarely seen such a “crowded” cemetery. The tombs huddle together making it difficult to move around.
The house where the Brontë sisters grew up and lived is quite interesting and situated near the moor and the cemetery, making for a thoroughly gloomy atmosphere.

All my photos taken at Haworth here. In case you feel like watching a (lengthy) slideshow, click here

I have already posted this photo at Claude’s Daily Snap, but it’s my favourite.

Has anyone heard from Lucy at Golden Lucy’s Spiral Journal?
No post since August 22nd. I miss her humour.


9 thoughts on “Haworth, home of the Brontë sisters

  1. Claude I emailed Lucy to see if she is OK. I will let you know.

    My email

    Dear Lucy

    We are missing your posts and comments. Claude in Paris asked if anyone had heard from you recently.

    I hope you are well and just taking a rest but we do miss you..


    PS: You aren’t shacked up with the cabana boy again are you?? 😉

  2. I guess we all were wondering about Lucy. I think she’s still recouping from her long car ride. Let us know what you hear Chancy.

    Love the pic of Haworth Cemetery Claude…has it’s own quaint ambiance.

  3. Even when Lucy doesn’t have a current post I always see her comments on different blogs. I get worried when I don’t see either from her. Hopefully Chancy’s right and it’s romance keeping her too busy for blogging.

    Loved the “daily snap” looking thru the window. What a view.

  4. As you know, I really enjoy cemeteries and photos of the old ones. Guess that is just as well since I am destined to spend an extended amount of time in one sometime in the future. I really especially like this particular photo. It appears that the names on the two stones appearing to lean on each other are William and Mary Ann. If there was ever a love story in the making….there it is for sure. Or a good piece of poetry would certainly be in order. When I finally get around to doing the “Cemeteryville” part of my blog site this is definitely a photo I would like to include.

    I have been a bit worried about Lucy for a while now. I hope that all is well with her. Chancy got quite a laugh out of me with the ‘cabana boy’ comment. I remembered Lucy’s story about that. It was hilarious. 😀

  5. I also got concerned this morning when still no new post from Lucy and I sent her off an email also. Sure hope she’s alright, because she’s missed a lot.
    I’m off to see your photos now, Claude.
    PS…how’t the nightmare with the passport coming along/ We got ours in the mail the other day….it took a little over a month, for a renewal. But…we’re all set to wing our way to Paris in March.

  6. Continue to enjoy your photos. I, too, have been wondering about Lucy. Hopefully she’s just working on another one of her pieces to post that keep us all enthralled.

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