Update on Golden Lucyd

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“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris

Well, Golden Lucyd is, as she puts it, NDY — Not Dead Yet! 😉
Go visit her at Golden Lucy’s Spiral Journal to welcome her back and read what kept her away from us. All this with her usual humour. Welcome back, Lucy!


6 thoughts on “Update on Golden Lucyd

  1. NYD, huh! That’s good enough for me. At least she knows we care about her and want to make sure all is well. News sounds great, but then I figured she was just working on another blog post to set us back on our heels once again. Thanks for keepin’ us up to date, Claude.

  2. claude, good of you to keep after lucy’s invisibility. she sounds
    just as full of vinegar as ever.

    thanks to your model, am about to take the plunge with Flickr (even
    though drives me crazy the way it’s spelled). wish me luck. -naomi

  3. I’ve had a busy weekend and am just catching up on blogs this evening, so was very pleased to visit Lucy and see she’s okay!
    I didn’t know this when I posted my blog in relation to her this morning.

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