Girl With a Pearl Earring


Girl With a Pearl EarringHow did I miss that movie when it came out, I can’t imagine. I remember that I meant to go and see it and before I knew it, they were not showing it any longer. That often happens with really good movies. Girl With a Pearl Earring is wonderful. I liked it so much that I was wondering what the novel by Tracy Chevalier was like (have never read anything by her). Scarlett Johansson, whom I knew from Lost in Translation, is incredibly good. So is Colin Firth, as Vermeer. You find yourself in the middle of 17th century Delft in colourful detail and for once, the heroine is not an aristocrat, but a maid. I am a sucker for period movies anyway, but Girl With a Pearl Earring looks quite documented and although of course the plot is totally imaginary, you feel like it might have been true. It made me want to go to The Hague and see the painting

Some time ago, I mentioned reading Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. I forgot to tell you that in spite of the some 580 pages, it was unfinished. Elizabeth Gaskell died before she could finish it.
If you get a chance, you can watch the BBC production of Wives and Daughters, which I found quite remarkable. They found an end for it which I thought was quite adequate and that Mrs Gaskell might have enjoyed.


10 thoughts on “Girl With a Pearl Earring

  1. The film of Girl with a Pearl Earring is remarkably faithful to the book. I loved both. The simple, resonant, sensual writing of the novel lingered long in my mind. Highly recommended.

  2. Even though I would love to be able to leave this in French, sadly I can’t. So, I loved the book, Girl with a Pearl Earring. I found it to be what I call a “gentle read.” A slice of life.

  3. Do you remember the part in “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” where they were mixing the colors up in his studio? The shot of the cobalt blue just took my breath away. I LOVED that movie, and the book. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. As is typical for me, I loved the book and thought the film was just okay. Young Miss Scarlet was luminous and I always like Colin Firth (the BEST Mr Darcy ever).

    When I really like a book, I alway have high hopes for the film. Usually I am just a little dissabointed in films of books that I like. The exception is the huge Pride & Prejudice series by the BBC and Out of Africa. Perhaps I am just a biblio-snob. Films never seem to be as good as the books.

    I must say that they did get the colours and the lighting exactly right for the look of the film. I too want to get to the Hague to see the original.

  5. I am certainly going to get the book and read it. Jean and Nancy have convinced me.
    Ginnie, I agree, that cobalt blue WAS breath taking.

    Peggy, I agree that most of the time, TV series or films never get to the level of a book you’ve read and loved. And again, I agree that THE exception is Pride and Prejudice, (the BBC series of course!) and that there never was a better Mr Darcy than Colin Firth.
    As I haven’t read Girl With a Pearl Earring, I can’t possibly be disappointed. I am going to give it a try.

  6. Claude I loved the book “Girl With The Pearl Earring” The book cover itself is beautiful
    reproduction of the painting. I saw the movie and agree the colors and Scarlett Johensen
    were amazingly lovely, I remember being disappointed with the ending.

    Another book I like immensely is “Bel Canto.” by Ann Padgett

    from Amazon

    From Library Journal
    Opera and terrorism make strange bedfellows, yet in this novel they complement each other nicely. At a birthday party for Japanese industrialist Mr. Hosokawa somewhere in South America, famous American soprano Roxanne Coss is just finishing her recital in the Vice President’s home when armed terrorists appear, intending to take the President hostage. However, he is not there, so instead they hold the international businesspeople and diplomats at the party, releasing all the women except Roxanne. Captors and their prisoners settle into a strange domesticity, with the opera diva captivating them all as she does her daily practicing

  7. I guess I’ll be adding this to my Netflix list. When I used to go to Blockbuster, I thought about taking this movie out so many times, but just never did. You have convinced me Claude. Thanks.

  8. Claude – My ex was a darn good artist and his favorite painter was Vermeer….favorite painting was the Girl With A Red Hat..same feel as Girl With Pearl Earring except the red is so wonderful in that painting. You would think I would have seen the movie or read the book but I haven’t. Like Joy – putting it on my Netflix list.

    I haven’t seen the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice but adored the recent movie…everyone keeps talking about Colin Firth as the best ever Mr Darcy and I guess I have to wait to see him but I just can’t imagine him as that good…sorry Firth fans. I still love the old movie with Greer Garson and Olivier (who was also a darn good Darcy).

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