Vlogging methods?

Brad Fitzpatrick and Chris Pirillo have done it again. They have a knack of putting my questions into cartoons!
I would be willing to do some vlogging, but how do you go about it? The comic below provides solutions 😉

Ergonomics for the Video Blogger

How do you make a movie of yourself? Without a movie camera, as my camera can be used to film movies.
I have already vlogged a couple of clips, but some of my readers claim they can’t see them.
I don’t expect to reach Steve Garfield‘s proficiency, but I’d like to be able to learn.
Another thing I’d like to understand is how you make a podcast. If I knew how, I’m not sure I’d do it, but I sure would like to learn. I thought I could podcast my Diving into the Past audios.

Edited a few hours later.
I have downloaded PodPress, which is supposed to help you make podcasts when you use WordPress. I gave it a try and it did add an MP3 player to my post which worked beautifully. Now, what I am not sure about, is if and how people can subscribe to your podcasts, if they want to.
I guess I’ll have to record something and upload it to have a real-life test.
I understand, maybe mistakenly, that it can do the same with video-clips, but will have to try that out

I loooove learning new things!


4 thoughts on “Vlogging methods?

  1. This is all really exciting! Almost enough to make one think they should start blogging. Will be staying tuned to what you’re up to here, Claude!

  2. Joared – Jump in….the water is fine. We’d love to read what you blog!

    Claude – Not sure I love new fangled things so am waiting to see what you do first..waiting anxiously for your podcast.

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