I used to knit


Julie's first outfit

While looking for something else in a drawer, I came across this outfit and it set me remembering.
I know it’s hard to believe, (I’m having a hard time believing it myself) but I used to be a compulsive knitter. I knitted sweaters for myself, for my husband, for my daughter. I even liked knitting complicated patterns. I knitted the hat, the vest and the pants for my daughter Julie while I was pregnant. And when she was born, it was much too big, and I had to wait a couple of months before she could actually wear it. There was also a pair of booties that my mother-in-law knitted, as for some reason, I never managed to learn how to knit booties.
I had chosen the colour red because it reminded me of a doll I had when I was little. My grandmother Léa had knitted a red and white outfit for that doll with leftover wool and I always thought that when I had a baby, (s)he’d have a red outfit.

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6 thoughts on “I used to knit

  1. What a sweet little outfit. Do you have a picture of her in it? I used to knit years ago, too. As a matter of fact I knit argyle socks for all the guys when I was in college and made some spending money that way!

  2. As you might…or might not know…I adore knitting!
    Having returned to it 2 years ago, after a 40 year hiatus.
    Working on a poncho at the moment for my granddaughter.
    And really looking forward to coming home with some French yarn when I’m there in March. Bon Marche probably has a good yarn department?
    LOVE your outfit here….you did a great job. I’m surprised for somebody that knits so well you’re not still knitting.
    Shame on you…..pick up those needles!

  3. This is an adorable outfit. I went back to knitting a year or so ago but do nothing complicated like I used to do. Now scarves are about the only thing I feel like doing cuz they’re easy. You should start again. Naomi encouraged me to start up for the Dulaan project that she has a link to on her blog “A Little Red Hen”. The other blog I discovered thru Naomi is “Sistah Craft” – another fun knitting site. Cmon Claude – like Terri said – pick up those needles!

  4. What’s so hard to believe Claude? I can see you being a wonderful knitter. I used to knit all the time too. It’s been a while actually; but when my kids were much younger…I’d knit whenever I could…it was very relaxing to me. I made everything from Xmas ornaments to afghans and baby sweater sets to sweaters and skirts for adults. Sometimes I get the urge to get back into it. I have all my knitting stuff just sitting here. YHour sweater outfit is adorable.

  5. claude, of course i love the outfit you knit. charming in the way you
    used color–stripes and checkerboard patterns–seems very advanced for
    the time you knit it. perhaps it is that french baby knitting was
    ahead of us in having a sense of delight in patterns. thirty-plus years
    ago when i was knitting for my kids, i loved the english translation of
    “Mon Tricot,” even though the patterns usually did not work out too well.

    speaking of French, today i listened to audio of your post. you understand
    that i do not know the language. however, it was delightful to listen
    after reading your words. what is clear in the previous comments is that
    women have had an in/out relationship with knitting. periodically we
    want to do it, then we stop–sometimes situational, others, who knows?
    anyway, you seem so engaged with tweaks to your bloglife,i sense that’s
    your creative direction right now.

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