With No One as Witness

With No One as Witness

I am a fan of Elizabeth George‘s murder mysteries and I know that when I start one, I won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished. It’s been the case with the latest I’ve read: With No One as Witness. I found it a bit slow at the beginning, but once I got involved in the story, there was no way I could stop. Over 600 pages long, it takes you through various London neighbourhoods, from posh to less affluent and explores relationships in the workplace, racial prejudice and much more. Starring Detective Inspector Lynley and his assistant Barbara Havers. You may have seen episodes of the BBC adaptation, which I thought were OK, but still, the books are much more enthralling.

10 thoughts on “With No One as Witness

  1. Strangely enough I am not familiar with Ms. George’s work, but I know the name sounds familiar. I love British mysteries so now I have a whole new set of books to read when I retire. (I won’t start these until after retirement as I have about 50 new books still sitting on shelves and boxes to read!)

  2. I love Lynley and Havers, books and series. They can always do so much more with a book than a movie or TV show. Almost always, the book is better. Except, of course, “The Bridges of Madison County” where the movie was much better.

  3. Claude, I first discovered Elizabeth George in our neighborhood library’s
    book sale. I was looking for mysteries for my husband and a helpful browser suggested
    George so I bought one of her novels. Since then we have read several of her
    mysteries and we are now hooked.

    Have you read P.D James latest mystery “Lighthouse”? This is one of James’ best IMO.

  4. Have enjoyed the BBC TV series on Elizabeth George’s books, but haven’t gotten around to reading the books. Am sure the books must be better than the TV series or a movie, as is almost always the case as has been pointed out.

    The only exception to that for me was “Raintree County” where I much preferred the happier movie ending, though I don’t expect all movies to have a happy ending. I even like the ones than end with no resolution, leaving me to reach my own. But this one book was somehow different for me since I was in love with the lead character, Johnny, in the book and his movie role played by Montgomery Clift.

  5. BTW will be looking forward to listening to your posts in French, ’cause I’m spending one afternoon (approx. 4 hours) a week for the next 10 weeks immersed in the French language.

    I intend to tell my instructor who is a fluent multi-linguist, and classmates about your blog. Can you believe these two classes, beginning and intermediate, cost only $5 each through Adult Education in our community? What a bargain!!

  6. I have to part company with you on this one Claude. I’ve never liked Elizabeth George, but then I don’t care for mysteries…so that’s probably the answer. I do enjoy that you are back to writing about things that I can understand…as opposed to all that technical jargon! Just kidding.

  7. It’s all been said, but again, the books are great. I’ll add that it’s BEST to read
    them in the order they were written. Not for the mysterys’ sake but for the
    personality development of the officers and their friends as well as their ongoing
    relationships. In the books there are two important characters who routinely appear
    but they are NOT in the BBC series.

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