I got it!!!


In my hand
In my hand



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11 thoughts on “I got it!!!

  1. HURRAY for you and your passport….HURRAY for me cuz this is the first time I got Hipcast to work for me! It’s lovely to hear you Claude – a real treat and something different. Can hardly wait to read about your ventures to see Ronnie, Millie and Naomi! What fun for you and all of us.

  2. Yeah Claude….you sound wonderful! Congratulations on getting your passport. It’s so nice to put your voice with your picture….you have a beautiful, warm, friendly voice. We’ll look forward to your posts about your visit here.

  3. Big Cheers for Claude and her new passport! DON’T LOSE IT!! It seems as though it would be a nightmare to replace.

    I’m certain that you could charm Steve into helping you with a podcast and video blogs.

  4. Your voice in French was always lovely but hearing it in my own daily language is wonderful. Your voice is a little bit different speaking English, deeper and you sound so, hmm, precise. Quite “English”.
    I hope you have a great trip when you do go. Yes, this new world the internet has provided — WOW.
    I’ll be travelling along with you, have fun.

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  6. claude, how even more exciting than all your recent innovations online,
    to hear your words in english. that voice fits with the french one
    i enjoyed telling about your knitting. thanks for asking, you say my name
    exactly right. that is more than i can say for one of my close friends.
    but i forgive her; she’s from chicago.

    of course,i am excited about your visit too. since you’ve been here
    often, you must have ideas about where you want to go. are gardens
    on your list? yours, naomi

  7. My husband loves to hear you in French. Now’s my chance to hear (and understand)
    you in English. Alas! It doesn’t work! There’s nothing to click where you say
    “click to listen”.

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