Flowers? No, just graphs



My photoblog as a graph my flickr page as a graph My website as a graph

My websites as graphs

These three flowers, oops, graphs are representations of Claude’s Daily Snap, my flickr page and Blogging in Paris
I don’t really understand the graphs, being neither a geek nor attracted to the sciences, but don’t you think there is some poetry in the way they look?
Meg at MandarinDesign would have loved this and would, no doubt, have invented some magic way of showing it off. She always kept her readers in touch with this sort of thing. I used one of her tricks to show the graphs.

  1. You can do your own graph with this applet
  2. More about Sala, the author of the applet.
  3. More of these graphs on flickr

4 thoughts on “Flowers? No, just graphs

  1. Aren’t these graphs amazing Claude? I’ve done mine a couple of times. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I was transfixed watching every little movement and blossom. I think everyone should graph their blog.

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