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Manhole cover


I started this post a long time ago, back in April, when Cassie-b posted about Childhood games – Played Outdoors. It reminded me of the games we played when we were little. There was no TV then, only books, outdoors games and cards or Monopoly.
Some time ago, I passed by a school, and saw on the ground of the schoolyard, that one of the games I loved playing when I was a little girl, la marelle (or hopscotch) had been outlined on the ground.
One of the pleasures of hopscotch, as I remember it, was to draw the lines on the ground with chalk, using different colours and drawing a semi-circle for earth and one for the sky at the other end of the game. In other words, preparing for the game was half the fun and it seems to me that finding your ready-made hopscotch game is not quite the same. No more anticipation, no irregularities in the squares.
You lose the waiting until the squares are drawn, the irregular lines that made you pay more attention… Maybe the outline was not as perfect as in the ready-made one, but came rain, and your hopscotch would go and you’d have to draw another one. You would never play exactly the same game.
Maybe I am imagining all this and suffering from a bout of nostalgia. 😉

As you can see on the manhole cover above, a photo that I took across the street from where I live, kids can’t draw hopscotch but they still play with chalk and enjoy it!


9 thoughts on “Child fun

  1. I love your picture of the manhole cover. Is that chalk and will it wash away? I would love to see it as a permanent addition. I bet some nerd of a politician will demand that it be removed…

  2. I learned many important things from childhood games, including hopscotch. Taking turns, sharing, and how to win and how to lose graciously are all good life lessons. I worry sometimes that the advent of video games will somehow stunt the growth of today’s children.

    I enjoyed this post, and plan to visit the website graph on your previous blog! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now that is a cool manhole cover. I think they should do that to ALL of them. Wouldn’t that brighten the streets! I absolutely LOVED playing hopscotch as a kid…and, you right Claude….half the fun was to draw the hopscotch grid. I haven’t seen one of those in years. I wonder if it’s even played anymore. A little nostalgia never hurt anyone!

  4. Alechinski has made prints of such manhole covers, I saw it at the Orangerie, in Paris a few years ago, it was quite powerfull.
    It’s such a wonder to explore childhood as you do it Claude. The more we stay close to this inner kid, the more creative we keep. I love your playing little girl, she opens your eyes on the beautiful pictures you take and share with us.

  5. As a child I loved to play hopscotch. And also jumped rope, kicked the can
    in the street (like street hockey) “mother may I” roller skated on sidewalks for miles,
    played hide and seek outdoors, sandboxes and built toad frog houses,
    dodge ball. I walked everywhere. to school to church to the “picture show
    to friend’s houses.
    No wonder I never gained a pound back then. 🙂

    Of course inside there was Monopoly and card games.
    We did listen to some favorite programs on the radio but this was
    mainly at night.

  6. One of my first experiences with really relating to the French language was with la marelle. It was one of the first words I learned after my sudden switch to French kindergarten and for years I was proud that I knew what it was called. I agree, those ready made ones just took away all interest in playing.

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