What’s in a name…


The Reading Room

Let me say this: I admire the way a lot of you have given interesting names to your blogs. And I wonder how you came across them.
I started off a little over two years ago, with Blogger. In those days, I didn’t even know what my blog was going to be about –I still am not sure it is about something.
When I created my first blog, I was asked for a name, didn’t know what to write, but as they said that I could easily change later on, I think I started off with my blognotes. Then, googling that, I saw that if was far from being an original idea, and changed for Blogging in Paris, thinking: OK, I’m blogging and I’m in Paris. At least it’s true. And I can always change later on. I even tried to create some sort of logo, or image that would have my name or maybe the Eiffel tower in it. Miserably failed! Oh well, I can take photographs, but logos? They’re beyond me.
And it turns out I never changed later on, just for lack of finding a smart name! I came across some really interesting names, like Time Goes By (whose timeline I shamelessly stole, with Ronni’s permission), or Some Final Thoughts (why didn’t I think of that?), even learnt some new (to me) words, like Endment, discovered an interesting concept in a title like The Other Side.
Once somebody wrote in her blog (a French blog), that I was a sixty-year old blogger (at the time, since I’m almost sixty-two) and that my Mom also had a blog. I was thrilled to be mistaken for Millie’s daughter, quite honoured in fact, although she was too young to be my Mom –or me too old to be her daughter! Some names get me puzzled, like Off on a Tangent –what’s a tangent anyway? But a good puzzling title. I could go on forever…

But here I am, still Blogging in Paris, still wondering what this is all about, but having fun. May be I should add a new category to my blog: Babbling? 😉

  1. I took the photo of the Reading Room at the British Museum in April 2005. An amazing place. I should probably have looked up for a good name in one of those awe-inspiring books.
  2. More photos of the Reading Room here

12 thoughts on “What’s in a name…

  1. Well thanks for the mention there Blogger In Paris….

    Yes Claude.…I figured at this stage in my life never knowing what morning I may not wake up that each day from now on out that anything said or documented the day before just may be some of my final thoughts. Someone is always saying something like, “my final thoughts on the subject….” so it occurred to me that anything you might say just prior to your death are, indeed, the “real final thoughts”. Of course, I do try to keep it in perspective and attach some measure of humor with the phrase.

    By the way, I really like the photo of the library in the British Museum. You have to blow it up to full size to really appreciate it. It looks so well kept and organized. You can almost smell the scent of old books and furniture polish.

    PS….It’s your blog so you just “babble” to your hearts content. 😀

  2. I’ve often thought the same thing Claude. What is behind some of the blog titles I see. I love a lot of them. Some are obvious, and some are beyond anything I understand. But, it is interesting. My blog name, The Joy of Six, is pretty explanitory. It being a mixture of the (obvious) play on words, and accounts for the six people in my immediate family…my four kids and my husband and myself. I’ve thought, since Joel has passed, that maybe I should rename it….but, in all honesty, it wouldn’t feel right. I guess it will always be The Joy of Six to me. BTW…I’ve always loved your title….Blogging in Paris….very classy with a dash of adventure….at least to me.

  3. I always liked Blogging In Paris too. And Joy you can’t change your blog title – Jay will always be part of your life.

    I enjoy wondering about the different blog titles…they all seem so clever! Sometimes I don’t want to know the explanation…I would rather let my imagination run wild.

  4. I’m pretty sure you were just beginning your blog when I found you or you found me – whichever it was. It’s been more than two years now (time DOES go by) and to me, you and Blogging in Paris are synonymous. I think it’s a terrific blog name, particularly with all your photos of your city. Yes, some of them are from other places you visit, but you always go home. To Paris.

    There may be other English-language blogs by people living in Paris (I don’t know), but there is only one Claude doing it. You are the definition of Paris and blogging to me.

  5. When I put the link up to my own mother’s blog, some people thought it was Millie’s! I changed the names of the links so it is more clear. At least I hope it is clear.

    I love your blog Claude. It makes me feel a bit more connected to my favourite city, like I’ve got a friend in Paris.


  6. I enjoy the different (and clever) blog names, too. Mine is pretty corny but I’m too far into it to change now. I actually decided to do this in order to compile a bunch of articles to put into a book for my 3 children…kind of 73 years of memories for them…but now I’m hooked! I love to read yours and to view your great photos.

  7. so tell us, claude,you were actually allowed to take photos in the
    reading room of the british museum? things must be much looser there
    than here in nyc. okay, that would not be hard but for some time the
    freedom to photograph has been limited in cultural institutions.

    security here requires a bag check at the 42nd street library on entering
    and leaving. same for metropolitan museum. some places only check you
    on the way in.
    the most challenging place here to take the photos you want–and this
    goes back many years is chinatown on the street. i’d be bopping along,
    snapping pictures, and suddenly the fish monger puts up his hands and
    says, “no pictures!” this could be about illegal immigration.

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